ENVIS Technical Reports
Report Nos.
Carrying Capacity of Netravathi River Basin Based on the Ecological Sensitiveness
Irrational Allotment of Common Lands - Kan Sacred Forests in Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka for Non-Forestry activities
Unabated Violations in Agara Bellandur Wetland
Integrated Watershed Management for Water & Food Security in Kolar and Chikballapur Districts, Karnataka
Biodiversity Inventory in and around Tenka Yekkaru Grama Panchayat, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka
Koramangala Floods: Causes
Profile of Rivers in Karnataka
Ecologically Sensitive Regions in the Kali River Basin, Karnataka
Constructed Wetlands for Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater
Frequent Floods in Bangalore: Causes and Remedial Measures
Rejuvenation Blueprint for Lakes in Vrishabhavathi Valley
Forest Trees of Central Western Ghats
Status of Arekere wetlands
Bellandur and Varthur Lakes Rejuvenation Blueprint
Water Situation in Bengaluru
My Village Biodiversity: Documentation of Western Ghats Biodiversity through Network of Students and Teachers
Pond with Native Green cover (in the catchment) to Sustain Hydrological Regime- Jain Temple (mutt) Area, Moodabidri, Dakshina Kannada District
Botanical Wonder at Indian Institute of Science
Mini forest at Indian Institute of Science: The Success Model for Rejuvenating Ecology and Hydrology in Rapidly Urbanizing Landscapes
Foaming or Algal Bloom in Water Bodies of India: Remedial Measures - Restrict Phosphate (P) Based Detergents
Recurring Fish Mortality Episodes in Bangalore Lakes: Sign of Irresponsible and Fragmented Governance
Devarabisanahalli Lake: Path towards Ecological Restoration
Wetland Treasure of Bangalore
Time-series MODIS NDVI based Vegetation Change Analysis with Land Surface Temperature and Rainfall in Western Ghats, India
Rejuvenation & Sustainable Management of Gokarna Temple Pond - Kotiteertha
Conservation of Fragmented Forests in Banavasi Range, Sirsi Forest Division, Kanara Circle
Detrimental Landuse Changes In Agara-Bellandur Wetland
Pathetic Status of Wetlands In Bangalore: Epitome Of Inefficient And Uncoordinated Governance
Environmental Flow Assessment in Yettinahole: Where Is 24 Tmc to Divert?
Biodiversity, Ecology, Energy, Landscape Dynamics & Hydrology of Agastya Foundation Campus, Kuppam
Fish Mortality in Jakkur Lake: Causes and Remedial Measures
Vanishing Lakes Interconnectivity & Violations in Valley Zone: Lack Of Co-Ordination Among Para-State Agencies
Forest Status and Medicinal Flora Studies in Jankadkal And Shirgunji Mpca Area, Uttara Kannada
Agony of Chikkabettahalli Lake, Vidyaranyapura, Bruhat Bangalore
Water Scarcity in Varada Catchment: Need to arrest Deforestation on Priority
Waterbodies Of Uttara Kannada
Reclamation of Mine Regions at Bisgod: Approaches and Challenges
Tree species for planting at the sides and median of the roads in Bengaluru
Environment Monitoring in the Neighbourhood
Integrated Wetlands Ecosystem: Sustainable Model to Mitigate Water Crisis in Bangalore
Trees of Bengaluru
Sankey Lake: waiting for an Immediate Sensible Action
Efficacy Of Current Restoration Approaches - Bangalore Wetlands
Environmental Auditing Of Bangalore Wetlands
Influence of Landscape Dynamics on Hydrological Regime in Central Western Ghats
Land Use Changes With The Implementation Of Developmental Projects In Uttara Kannada District
Adopting Clustering Approaches - Ecology Integrated Sustainable Development of Uttara Kannada
Urban Trajectory in Metropolitan and Megalopolis Regions of Karnataka, India
Sustainable Energy Alternatives for Uttara Kannada
Fragmentation of Uttara Kannada Forests
Conservation of Bellandur Wetlands: Obligation of Decision makers to Ensure Intergenerational Equity
Kumaradhara River Basin, Karnataka Western Ghats: Need for Conservation and Sustainable Use
Status of Forest in Shimoga District, Karnataka
Ecological Profile of Sharavathi River Basin
Conservation Reserve Status to Lateritic Plateaus of Coastal Uttara Kannada
Conservation and Management of Mangroves in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats
Beekeeping: Sustainable Livelihood Option in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats
Edible Bivalves of Central West Coast, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India
Ecohydrology of Lotic Ecosystems of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats
Ecological status of Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
Soil Quality across Diverse Landscapes in Central Western Ghats, India
Ecology of Sacred Kan Forests in Central Western Ghats
5) Amphibian Diversity and Distribution in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka
Exploring Biodiversity and Ecology of Central Western Ghats
Sacred groves in Siddapur Taluk, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka: Threats and Management Aspects
Anuran Diversity and Distribution in Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
Grasslands of Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve
Aghanashini Estuary in Kumta Taluk, Uttara Kannada - Biological Heritage Site
Green Walls for Karnataka Sea Coast
Landslides at Karwar, October 2009: Causes and Remedial Measures
Conservation and Management of Urban Wetlands: Strategies and Challenges
Diatom Based Pollution Monitoring in Urban Wetlands of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Economic Valuation of Bivalves in the Aghanashini Estuary, West Coast, Karnataka
Ecological Status of Kali River Flood Plain
Landslide Susceptible Zone Mapping in Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats
Environmental Impact of Developmental Activities in the Bellandur Lake catchment
Present status of Gottigere Tank : Indicator of Decision maker’s apathy
Ecological Assessment of Lentic Water Bodies of Bangalore
Vegetation Analysis In Uttara Kannada District using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques
Water Quality Status of Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats
Conservation of Endangered Fauna in Sharavathi River Bbasin, Central Western Ghats
Water, Soil and Sediment Characterization: Sharavathi River Basin, Western Ghats
Ant Species Composition and Diversity in the Sharavathi River Basin, Central Western Ghats
Patterns of Diversity & Distribution of Butterflies in Heterogeneous Landscapes of the Western Ghats, India
Deploying Student Power to monitor Biodiversity : Five years of School Biodiversity Registers(1999 - 2003)
Karnataka State of Environment Report & Action Plan, Biodiversity Sector
Karnataka State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan (KBSAP)
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
Role of Protected Areas in Conservation
Centre For Ecological Sciences, Envis Centre : A Report
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve : An Overview
Geographical Distribution of Plant Species in Karnataka
Nilgiri Biosphere Reseve Information System : Preliminary Report
Scientific Programme for the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve : Report of Workshop
Report & Recommendations of INDO-US Binational workshop on Conservation & Management of Biological Diversity
WESTERN GHATS,Catalogue of Reports , Reprints & Books
ECODEVELOPMENT, Catalogue of Reports , Reprints & Books
BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, Catalogue of Reports , Reprints & Books
An Information System for the Birds of Western Ghats
A Peliminary Report on the Computerized Library Information Retrieval System
A Manual of Ecodevlopment with Special Reference to the Western Ghats