Centre for Ecological Sciences Technical Reports
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115. Zooplankton as Bioindicators: Hydrobiological Investigations in Selected Bangalore Lakes (weblink)
114. Technical Report-114: Anaerobic digestion and reuse of digested products of selected components of urban solid waste (Weblink)
111. Technical Report -111 : Evaluation of Algorithms for Land Cover Analysis Using Hyperspectral Data (Weblink)
109. Bioresource potential of Karnataka[talukwise inventory with management options] (weblink)
105. Library and Information Center
104. Checklist of Ants in the Museum
101. Economic Valuation of Wetlands (weblink)
100. Framework for Integration of Agent-based and Cellular Automata Models for Dynamic Geospatial Simulations (weblink)
99. Urban Sprawl Pattern Using GIS (weblink)
98. Ants of Indian Institute of Science Campus
  97. Review of Silvicultural practices adopted in India : its implication on Participatory Forest Management
  96. Carbon stock dynamics in tropical rain forests of Uttara Kannada District, Western Ghats , India
  95. Effect of Protection on Regeneration in JFPM forests in selected villages in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka
  94. Field performances of certain selected species in hilly region of high rain fall zone in UK District, Western Ghats Southern - India
  93. Comparison of field performance of two exotic species: Acacia auriculiformis and cassia siamea in hilly and high rain fall zone of UK, WG
  92. Above ground herb layer Productivity and Biomass under Different light gaps and varied stem density in the forests of Uttara Kannada, Western Ghats
  90. Joint Forest Planning and Management(JFPM) in Karnataka: Current Status and Future Potential
  89. Agroforestry in Humid Tropical Village Ecosystem in Western Ghats : Present Status and Future Implications
  88. Energy Alternatives: Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Technlogies
  86. Status of Wetlands in Bangalore
  70. Proceedings of the Workshop on Linkages Between Wastelands and Biodiversity
  69. Proceedings of Training Programme on Mico Level Planning for Integrated Development of Wastelands
  68. Proceedings of the Conference on Common Property Collective Action and Ecology
  67. Lecture Notes for Training Programme on “Conservation Biology” for officers of Indian Forests
  66. Carbon Flows in Indian Forests
  65. Proceedings and Training Programme on "Management of Environment"
  64. Flora of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
  63. A Study of Environmental Education and Awareness in Selected Schools of Bangalore
  62. The People, The State and Participatory Management of Common and Public Natural Resources
  61. Belonogaster, Mischocyttarus, Parapolybia and Indepent-founding Ropalidia
  60. Training Programme For IAS Officers on Management of Environment
  59. Ecological Prudence and Modes of Resource Use
  58. A Simulation Model of Human Resource Use
  57. Workshops and Training Programmes : July 1988-December 1989
  56. Draft Guidelines for Microlevel Planning for Integrated Development of Wetlands
  55. Limbless Amphibians of Western Ghats
  54. Insect Species Diversity in the tropics: Sampling methods and a Case Study
  53. Monitoring the Status of Environment
  52. Peolpes' Participation in the Management of Natural Resources
  51. State Forestry and Social Conflict in British India : A Study in the Ecological Bases of Agrarian Protest
  50. First Asian School on Conservation Biology
  49. An Operational Research Programme for Integrated Development of Microcatchments In Uttara Kannada District: A Proposal
  48. Biomass and Soil Nutrient Budget in Karnataka
  47. Workshop on Management of Livestock Resources of the Western Ghats with Special Reference to Uttara Kannada
  46. Workshop on Environmental Education held at Yadahalli, Sirsi Taluk, Uttara Kannada District From 13-18 October, 1986
  45. First National School on Conservation Biology
  44. Computer Simulation for the Workshop on Conservation Biology
  43. On Assigning Conservation Values to Bird Species of Western Ghats
  42. Partial pre-Determination of Caste in a primitively Eusocial Wasps Number of Empty cells on Parent Nest Predict of Egg Lying by Eclosing Females
  41. Reproductive Competition and Behavioral Caste Differentiation in the Neotropical WASP polisters versicolor
  40. Nestmate Discrimination in the Social WASP Ropalidia marginata
  39. Outlet of Lectures Given at the National Workshop on Conservation Biology
  38. On The Diversification of Common Property Resource Use By the Indian Society
  37. Scientific Programme for the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve: Proposal for an Action Plan
  36. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Information System
  35. Remote Sensing Analysis of Sirsi Taluka, Uttara Kannada District
  34. The Impact of Forest Based Industries on the Evergreen Forests of Uttara Kannada
  32. Geographical Distribution of Plant Species in Karnataka
  31. Ph. D. Programme : Courses
  30. Culture, Perceptions and Attitudes to the Environment
  29. Chitrakeerthana
  28. A Step Towards Conservation of Fuelwood “ASTRA-OLE” Diffusion and Performance in Uttara Kannada
  27. Degradation, Sustainability, or Transformation? A Case Study of Villagers use of Forest Lands in the Malnaad Region of Uttara Kannada District , India
  26. Effect of Rainfall Variability and Lift Irrigation on Rice Yield in Uttara Kannada : A Case Study of Unchagi Village
  25. Fuel Consumption and Conservation method in Urban Centres of Uttara Kannada
  24. Methods in Behavioral Ecology
  23. Diversity: Cultural and Biological
  22. Evolution of Co-Operation in N-Person Games
  21. Proposed Biomass Budget Estimations for India
  20. AboveGround Herblayer Productivity Under Different Landuse Systems in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka
  19. Estimates of Standing Biomass and Productivity of Tropical Moist Forests of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka , India
  18. Uttara Kannada: A Case Study in Hill Area Development
  17. Evidence for multiple mating in the Primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata (Lep.) (Hymenoptera)
  16. Multidisciplinary Expedition to the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve 10 April to 18 April, 1986
  15. Report Submitted to Department of Science and Technology, Govt. Karnataka
  14. Ecology and Conservation of the Asian Elephant in South India
  13. Evolution of Sex Ratios in Social Hymenoptera: Kin Selection, Local mate Competition, Polyandry and Kin Recognition
  12. Studies on Village Ecosystems of North-Karnataka District of Karnataka
  11. Remote Sensing for Land-Use Pattern Analysis and Bio-mass Estimates
  10. Experiments in Revegetation I Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka
  9. Plant Diversity Studies in Uttara Kannada District
  8. An Optimal Energy and Water Model for Design and Analysis of Water Resources of a River with Constraints on Energy and Ecology
  7. A new Fuel Efficient Bath Room Stove
  6. Design of a Floristic Information System
  5. Animal Species in the Western Ghats
  4. Field Performance of Astra – OLE in Uttara Kannada District
  3. Ecosystem Studies and Management in Coastal Uttara Kannada
  2. An Experiment in Ecodevelopment in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka
  1. Agrarian Technology and Ecodegradation of Betta Forests in Salkani Village in North Karnataka District, Karnataka