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Mangrove Forests of Coastal India


  1. Title: Mangroves: Biodiversity, Livelihoods and Conservation

    Author: Pullaiah Thammineni, Pullaiah, Sudhir Chandra Das, Elizabeth C. Ashton (ed.,)

    Publisher: Springer; 1st ed., (2022).

  2. Title: Sundarban Mangrove Wetland (A UNESCO World Heritage Site): A Comprehensive Global Treatise.

    Author: Sarkar, S. K.,

    Publisher: Elsevier Science, United States, (2022).

  3. Title: Mangroves: Ecology, Biodiversity and Management

    Author: Rastogi, R.P., Phulwaria, M. and Gupta, D.K. (eds.,)

    Publisher: Springer Singapore, (2021).

  4. Title: Mangrove Forests in India: Exploring Ecosystem Services.

    Author: Mitra, A.,

    Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Germany, (2019).

  5. Title: All About Mangroves

    Author: John Samar,

    Publisher: Library for All, (2019).

  6. Title: The botany of mangroves

    Author: Tomlinson, P.B.,

    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, (2016).

  7. Title: Sensitivity of mangrove ecosystem to changing climate

    Author: Mitra, A.,

    Publisher: Springer, New Delhi, India, (2013).

  8. Title: Mangrove ecosystems of Asia: status, challenges and management strategies.

    Author: Faridah-Hanum, I., Latiff, A., Hakeem, K.R. and Ozturk, M. (eds.,)

    Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media, (2013).

  9. Title: World atlas of mangroves

    Author: Spalding, M.,

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  10. Title: River Health and Ecology in South Asia: Pollution, Restoration, and Conservation.

    Author: Patra, B.C., Shit, P.K., Bhunia, G.S. and Bhattacharya, M. (Eds.,)

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  11. Title: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: Approaches to Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources

    Author: Kumar, A.,

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  12. Title: Modeling Forest landscape Dynamics

    Author: Bharath, S., Rajan, K.S., Ramachandra, T.V.

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  13. Title: Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Ecosystems and Societies

    Author: Dhyani, S., Gupta, A.K. and Karki, M. (Eds.,)

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  14. Title: Ocean and Coastal Ecology

    Author: Kathiresan, K.,

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  15. Title: Walking the Western Ghats

    Author: Johnsing, A.J.T.

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  16. Title: Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change

    Author: Stuart K. Allison

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  17. Title: Ecological restoration: principles, values, and structure of an emerging profession.

    Author: Clewell, A.F. and Aronson, J.,

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  18. Title: Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment

    Author: Ramachandra, T.V., Subash Chandran, M.D., Gururaja, K.V. and Sreekantha

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  19. Title: Ecological Status of Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

    Author: Ali, Sameer, G. R. Rao, Divakar K. Mesta, Sreekantha, Mukri Vishnu, M. D. SubashChandran, K. V. Gururaja, N. V. Joshi, and T.V. Ramachandra

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  21. Title: Sahyadris, India's Western Ghats, a Vanishing Heritage.

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  22. Title: Damaged ecosystems and restoration

    Author: Rana, B.C.,

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