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 Integrating Physical and Socio-Economic Data within a Land Use Systems Framework for Sustainable Development and Management of Woody Biomass Resources

Sultan Tilimo

Ministry of Agriculture, Woody Biomass Inventory & Strategic Planning Project, Ethiopia

In summary the Woody Biomass Project is engaged in mapping fuel wood resources using satellite imagery and fied surveys. It also undertakes socio-economic surveys of the study area in order to develop strategic plans to sustainably develop, manage and ultimately purposefully utilize woody biomass resources of the area that is studied. Integration of the physical and socio-economic data is undertaken using a comprehensive geographic information system and computer modelling of woody biomass resource balances, human population support capacity analysis, livestock feed balances and soil erosion- crop productivity losses. The analysis is undertaken within a land use systems frame work. 

The project has completed the first mandate of undertaking inventory of Woody Biomass Resources over an area 25,000 sq km, and has generated 18 volumes of Reports and an atlas of map (29 maps) covering various themes. 

The project has been given directives to cover the rest of the country and these activities will commence as of the end of 1997 and is estimated to take 5 years.

Home Page Programme Authors/Abstracts SLM-Addresses Related Papers