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Limit's Conflict and Land Tenure Management in "Bombuscaro Curintza Romerillos" Zones within the Podocarpus National Park, Southeast of Ecuador- MACOLITT

J. Eduardo Flores

Fundacion Maquipucuna, Ecuador

The Podocarpus National Park-PNP owns 146280Ha located at Southest of Ecuador. Its Ecosystem is reach in tropical forest fauna and mines. The problems of "dirty" mining and invaders at this moment has decreased the PNP area in 9%. The park borders are full of invaders and colonizers. This project deals with settlements located in "Bombuscaro Curintza and Romerillos" earlier than the decree of PNP creation, it means 2000Ha inhabited under conflict.

MACOLITT project of one year started identifing the conflict then established a cadastral map which was very hard because of natural borders ambiguos description in each deed. With this technical evidence we found out the tenure situation to sort the inhabitants in three classes. The following phase helped the colonizers who were not really invaders to become united and improve their organization so that they can meet the Ecuadorian Institute for Wild Life and Forestry-INEFAN (the stage manager of natural areas) and discuss a proposal. To discuss their proposal, the colonizers had to study the management plan for the PNP and come out with something which might be acceptable by INEFAN. There are some important conclusions in this project but one which can not be denied is the great value of a rural cadastre as a technical evidence to support good decision making.

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