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pr_ball.gif (967 bytes) ISSS Sub-Commission F Land Evaluation
Congress: Geo-information for Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
17 to 21 August 1997, ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands

Klaas Jan Beek
pr_ball.gif (967 bytes) Opening Address
Geo-Information for Sustainable Land Management?
Questions to be Answered

Klaas Jan Beek
pr_ball.gif (967 bytes) Intro Paper to the SLM Conference:
Land Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management
Klaas Jan Beek, Kees de Bie and Paul Driessen
pr_ball.gif (967 bytes) Conference Workshop Results:
Geo-Information Needs for Planning of Sustainable Land Management at Regional, Project and Farm Levels
pr_ball.gif (967 bytes) Assorted Short Contributions (some 31 Abstracts) submitted for these Conference Proceedings  
1. Concepts of Sustainable Land Management
1. Key Notes  
Concepts of Sustainable Land Management
Hans Hurni
Criteria and Indicators for Land Quality and Sustainable Land Management
Julian Dumanski 
1. Contributed Oral Presentations  
Indicators of Agricultural Sustainability at National Level - A Case Study of Venezuela  
José L. Berroterán and J. Alfred Zinck
Decision Support System for Evaluating Sustainable Land Management in Sloping Lands of Asia  
Mohammad Rais, Eric T. Craswell, Sam Gameda, and Julian Dumanski   
Farm Level Indicators of Sustainable Land Management for the Development of Decision Support Systems  
S.Gameda, J.Dumanski and D.Acton   
1. Poster Presentations  
Soil Vulnerability Maps as Tools for Sustainable Soil Management  
M. de Bakker, J.E. van Deijnen     
1. Other Papers  
The Role of and Need for a Sound Land Use Policy for Sustainable Agricultural Development - The Case of Ethiopia
Shiru Daba  
2. Planning of Sustainable Land Management; User Needs and Possibilities 
2. Key Notes  
Planning Sustainable Land Management: The Hierarchy of User Needs
Christian Pieri   
Planning of Sustainable Land Management: Finding a Balance Between User Needs and Possibilities  
Fredrick N. Muchena and Julie van der Bliek   
Geo-Information Needs: Effects of Scale  
Peter A. Burrough   
2. Contributed Oral Presentations  
The Acid Test - An Expert System for Acid Sulphate Soils
David Dent and Bryan Dawson
Planning of Sustainable Land and Water Management in Mbulu and Karatu Districts in Tanzania  
Fredrick M. Mngube   
Planning and Management of Land: Bringing Farmers’ Decisions into the Picture  
Tomaso Ceccarelli   
Employment Generation Schemes (EGS) as a Tool for Land Management (abstract only) 
Mejfin Abegaz Abebe   
Sustainability of Maize Production in Kenya  
Stanley M. Wokabi   
2. Poster Presentations  
Watershed as a Planning Unit for Sustainable Land Management in the Tropical Areas (abstract only)
Santiago R. Baconguis     
Aquifer Vulnerability to Soil Pesticide Leaching at Regional Scale in Lombardy - North Italy  
S. Brenna, C. Riparbelli, R. Rasio and G. Azimonti   
Map of Natural Units of Espirito Santo State, Brazil  
Leandro R. Feitoza, Lucio L.F. de Castro, Mauro Resende, Moema B. Zangrande, Michael Stocking, Rosana M.A. Borel, Eli A. Fullin, Aladim F. Cerqueira, Jose S. Salgado, Hideko N. Feitoza, Lorildo Aldo Stock, Milton Dessaune Filho   
2. Other Papers  
Planning of Sustainable Land Management: User Needs and Possibilities - Experiences from Kenya
E.N. Ndegwa  
EFI Index - A New Quantitative Parameter in Planning of Sustainable Land Management in High Risk Erosion Areas
Emmanuel O. Efiong-Fuller
3. Land-Use Systems Approach to Sustainable Land Management
3. Key Notes  
The Land Use Systems Approach to Planning Sustainable Land Management at Several Scales  
Johan Bouma     
Biophysical Sustainability of Land Use Systems  
Paul M. Driessen   
The Soft Side of Land: Socio-Economic Sustainability of Land Use Systems  
Niels Röling   
3. Contributed Oral Presentations  
Conceptual and Operational Needs in Land Evaluation for Sustainability in Venezuela  
Juan A. Comerma and J.C. Rey   
Application of  Statistical Quality Control Charts and Geostatistics to Soil Quality Assessment in a Semi-Arid Environment of South-Central Iran  
A. Moameni and J.A. Zinck   
Quantification of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Wheat Yields  
R. de Jong and D.W. Stewart   
Land Use Information - Its Management and Importance (abstract only) 
C.A. de Bie   
Land Use System Approach to Sustainable Land Management in Indonesia  
Maryudi Sastrowihardjo   
Land Use and Land Right Dynamics under Conditions of Population Pressure - Trends and Perspectives for Eastern Burkina Faso  
Anette Reenberg and Christian Lund   
Land Use Systems Analysis, a Multi-Scale Methodology to Explore Options for Development of Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems  
N. van Duivenbooden     
Problems and Issues of Present Land Use Systems in Nepal  
S.P. Sah   
3. Poster Presentations  
Mapping Groundwater Pollution Risk within an Agricultural Watershed Using Modeling, Geostatistics and GIS  
Sidney R. Vieira, W.D. Reynolds, R. de Jong, G.C. Topp and R. Clemente   
Indigenous Knowledge and Agricultural Sustainability - A Case Study in (Semi-) Arid Regions of Iran  
A. Farshad and J.A. Zinck   
Towards a Framework for Linking Soil-Landscape Modelling and Land Evaluation  
H.P.A. Eweg, S. de Bruin and W.G. Wielemaker   
Possible Effects of Losses in Drainage Water on the Copper and Zinc Status of Scottish Upland Soils and their Sustainability  
Abubakar U. Dikko, Richard Smart, Andrew Wade and Malcolm S. Cresser   
The other Route: an ITK based Approach to Sustainable Land Management  
Abiud Mwale   
Towards Sustainable Development of Subarctic Agriculture  
Arnold H. Arnoldussen and Tore E. Sveistrup   
Considerations for an Integrated Land Evaluation System for Tanzania - Lessons from the Land Suitability Assessment of Mbulu District  
Juvent P. Magoggo   
Provisional Land Evaluation for Irrigation of Onion (Allium Cepa) and Livestock Production (Cow meat) at the Hilario Ascasubi Agricultural Experimental Station, Inta, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, at a Scale of 1:20.000  
Vicente Nakama   
Erosion Control Study on Watershed of Low Paurai (Sokomaki), Flores, Indonesia, using Aerial Photo Interpretation (abstract only) 
Agus P.P. Brotodihardjo   
Spatially Dependent Use of Manure and Crop Residues (abstract only)  
F.C.T. Guiking   
A Tool for Estimating Soil Water Available for Plants using the 1:1,000,000 Scale Soil Geographical Data Base of Europe  
Le Bas, D. King and J. Daroussin   
Soil Survey and Land Use System Approach for Planning of Sustainable Land Management - A Case Study of Anantapur District, India  
M. Velayutham, R.S. Reddy, N.G. Raghu Mohan and A.K. Maji   
3. Other Papers  
Geo-Information System Application for Sustainable Land Management in Tanzania 
L. Vincenty Mtaroni
Urgent Problems of Grassland Management in Temperate China and Practicable Solutions - System Discordance and Coupling 
Ren Jizhou, Zhou Xingyun and Hou Fujiang
An Erosion Control System for Sustainable Land Use on Hilly Relief in Lithuania
Jankauskas Benediktas
Rainfall Characteristics and Soil Tillage Timing for Rainfed Crop Production in the Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria
A.C. Odunze, K.B. Adeoye, J.J. Owonubi, V.O. Chude, E.N.O. Iwuafor and J.K. Adewumi
Soil Parameterization for Dynamic Simulation of Land Qualities
Jorge Barros
A Pilot Project for GIS Application on Soil Management Planning
Cetin Arcak, Ibrahim Gucdemir, Ibrahim Gedikoglu, Fikret Eyupoglu and Levent Ucuzal
Soil Erosion Hazards in Kieni Division, Kenya
W.N. Wamicha
Livestock Pressure Distribution in Relation to Land Use and Aridity in Tunesia
Ameur Ben Mansoura and Salah Garchi
4. Integrating Biophysical and Socio-economic Analyses 
4. Key Notes  
Using the Mollifier Method to Characterize Data Sets and Models: The Case of the Universal Soil Loss Equation  
Michiel A. Keyzer and Ben G.J.S. Sonneveld   
Planning Sustainable Land Management at Regional Level: The Indonesian Case
Jacub Rais   
The new FAO Approach to Land Use Planning and Management, and its Application in Sierra Leone  
Andrea Kutter, Freddy O. Nachtergaele, and Willy H. Verheye   
Address: The Missing Scientific Links to Plan Sustainable Land Management at Farm Level - Past and Future 
Stein W. Bie   
4. Contributed Oral Presentations  
The Resource User’s Knowledge, the Neglected Input in Land Resource Management - The Case of the Kankanaey Farmers in Benguet, Philippines  
Maria Corazon Mendoza Lawas   
Sustainable Land Management in China - Application of the ECCO Methodology  
Xiaohui Hao   
The Dynamics of Sustainable Land Management and the Geo-Information in Burkina Faso  
Amidou Quedraogo   
Geo-Information for Sustainable Rangeland Management - A Case Study of the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya  
Hesbon M. Aligula, Mohammed Y. Said, Evanson C. Njuguna, Jan de Leeuw and Andrew K. Skidmore   
Participatory Land Use Planning for Improving Customary Land Resource Productivity and Utilisation - A Zambian Proposal  
Herbert M. Mwanza   
Poverty and Land Degradation - Prospects and Constraints for Sustainable Land Use in Rural Egypt  
Mohammed Atif Kishk   
Integrating Biophysical and Socio-Economic Models for Land Use Studies  
M.D.A. Rounsevell, S.P. Evans, T.R. Mayr and E. Audsley   
Carrying Capacity of Degrading Environments: The Case of the Sahel (presentation only) 
E. Heleen van Haaften, Fons van de Vijver, Johan Leenaars and Paul Driessen   
Development of a Computerized Aid to Integrated Land Use Planning at Regional Level - A Case Study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam (abstract only)  
Chu Thai Hoanh   
Land Husbandry Practices in North Pare Mountains - The Case of TFAP North Pare Project, Mwanga,  Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
K.C.H. Mndeme   
Rural Communities, Scientists and Soil Erosion - Common Ground at Cornfields?  
G. G. Garland and K. Pile   
Towards Sustainable Agriculture in a Marginal Area - A Case Study in Tibet  
Wang Zhengxing   
4. Poster Presentations  
A Step Forward in Integrating the Sociological Aspect into the Biophysical Model in the Process of Agricultural Development Planning - Agricultural Land Use Planning in Iran  
Farzaneh Davari   
Integrating  Biophysical and Social Economic Data for Sustainability Analyses in Sango Area, Uganda  
Samuel Mugisha   
A Framework for Application of Synergetics for Sustainable Land Use Planning  
Cheng Jianquan
Integrating Physical and Socio-Economic Data within a Land Use Systems Framework for Sustainable Development and Management of Woody Biomass Resources (abstract only) 
Sultan Tilimo   

A Sequential Approach to Decentralized Area Development Planning - The Case of a Peripheral Water Catchment Basin In Cameroon, West Africa  
Jan Veenstra

A Geo-Referenced Integrated Environmental Sutability Approach as a Vital Step in Assessing Sustainable Land Use (abstract only)  
S. Andronikov, V.V. Dokuchaev, G. Hudson, E. Paterson and M.J. Wilson   
Sustainable Land Management - Evaluation for Social Resource-Evironmental and Economic Impacts  
Xie Junqi   
SIBD: The Integrated Database System of Zonisig  
Martín de Zuviría and Aernout Weeda  
4. Other Papers  
Modeling Land Use Dynamics by Integrating Biophysical and Human Dimensions (CLUE) - Costa Rics 1973-1984  
A. Veldkamp and L.O. Fresco  
Land Use Systems Approach to Sustainable Land Management - Land Use Hydrology in Kenya  
Anthony M.K. Gachanja
Land Use Planning Strategies on Watershed Management and Disaster Reduction in the Philippines 
Vincente S.Paragas, Juanito A. Manzano, Jr. and Danilo C. Cacanindin
The Neglect of Traditional Agroforestry (TAF) and its Effects on Soil Erosion and Crop Yield - The Case of the West Usambara Mountains 
A.L. Kaswamila and J.A. Mkavidanda
The Role of NGO's for the Formulation of Sustainable Land Management Policies and Programmes
Turhan Günay
5. Geo-information Infrastructure for Planning of Sustainable Land Management
5. Key Notes  
Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Sustainable Land Management  
Richard Groot   
Use of Geographic Information Systems in (Planning) Sustainable Land Management in Brazil: Potentialities and User Needs  
Antônio Ramalho-Filho, Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira and Lauro Charlet Pereira
Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Land Management  
Andrew K. Skidmore, Wietske Bijker, Karin Schmidt and Lalit Kumar   
5. Contributed Oral Presentations  
A Systems-Approach Model for Conservation Planning of a Hilly Watershed  
J. Adinarayana   
Modelling the Sustainability of Agro-Pastoral Land Use Systems with GIS - Model Development and Case Study of Semi-Arid Communal Land Areas in Zimbabwe  
Susanne M.E. Groten and R. Bogere   
Colombia Coffee Geoinformation System (abstract only) 
Carlos R. Valenzuela and Alfonso Zuluaga   
Geo-Information System Modeling for Environmental Research Applications  
Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira and Suzana Druk Fuks   
Quantifying the Spatial Structure of Land Use Change: An Integrated Approach  
P.H. Verburg, G.H.J. de Koning, K. Kok, A. Veldkamp, L.O. Fresco and J. Bouma   
Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in Sustainable Agricultural Management and Development - Indian Experience  
S.K. Bhan, S.K. Saha, L.M. Pande and J. Prasad
A Synergetic Approach towards Sustainable Land Resources Management Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques - An Indian Experience in the Semi-Arid Tropics under the National Project 'Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development'  
A. Perumal, SVC. Kameswara Rao and N. Uday Bhaskar   
GIS-Based Methods for Rural Land Use Analysis Based on Integrated Agricultural Control Systems IACS 
Ole Hjorth Caspersen and Jesper Stenstrup
Geo-Information for Planning of Sustainable Land Management - Hyper-GIS for Sustainable Land Cover / Land Use Change and Decision Making In Costa Rica  
G. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa   
The Use of GIS for Land Use Planning in Mexico - Building a New System (abstract and presentation only)  
Araceli Vargas-Mena and Magdalena García-Rendón   
5. Poster Presentations  

Multispectral Aerial Photography as Land Quality Indicator for Maize Growth in the Limagne Area
M.A. Mulders and G. L'Homme   

Land Use / Land Cover Changes and Deforestation Trends over 55 years (1941-1996) in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest Watershed Area  
E. van Omme, M. Kappelle and M.E. Juárez   
Geo-Information Systems in Study of Spatial Variability of Spotted Salinity in Arid Irrigated Indus Plains (abstract only) 
Muhammad Nawaz Syal   
Urban Land Capability Evaluation Based on GIS - A Case of Shenyang City (abstract only) 
Wu Lan   
Limit’s Conflict and Land Tenure Management in "Bombuscaro Curintza Romerillos" Zones within the Podocarpus National Park, Southeast of Ecuador- MACOLITT (abstract only) 
J. Eduardo Flores   
Need for Integrated Land Information System in India - A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh State  
D.P. Issar and R.M. Tripathi   
Water Resources in the Loess Plateau of China and their Availability (abstract only) 
Yu Hanzhang and Zhang Renlin   
Integrated Analysis of Landscape Spatial Organization for Watershed Management (abstract only) 
Jerzy Chmiel   
The Use of the Sustainable Development Multi-Indicators for Evaluating the Stabilization in some new Rural Communities in Desert Areas of Egypt  
W.F. Erian   
The Use of  Geo-Information Systems for Sustainable Land Use Planning in Guyana  
Andrew R. Bishop   
Government Re-Engineering Approach to Sustainable Land Management  
Jae ik, Liou   
Land Planning for Sustainable Development of Mersa Shaa'b Area, Southeastern Desert of Egypt - An Integrated RS and LIS Approach  
Abdel Rahman, S.I.    
Mapping of Ecological Land Units for Livestock Development in the Zone of  "Mare d’Oursi", Burkina Faso  
N.A. Sow   
The Use of Geo-Information System to Ecotourism and Conservation Planning in Guaraqueçaba Protected Area, South Brazil  
Alzir Felippe Buffara Antunes   
Support of the Reallotment Process in Land Development Projects in The Netherlands  
A.M. Buis   
Land Degradation Approach - Methodology and Practice  
Chen Guangwei   
Geo-Information Technology; A Matter Of Integration  
W.H. Erik de Man and M. Ali Sharifi   
From Integrated Toposequence Analysis to Land Resource Mapping at the Confluence Zone of  the River Ebonyi Headwater Catchment, South Eastern Nigeria  
Anne Gobin, Paul Campling, Jozef Deckers and Jan Feyen  
Using GIS to Plan, Implement and Monitor Sustainable Land Use at Project Level 
Tiny Luiten  
A Co-Ordinated Approach to Land Information Management - The Fiji Land Information System - 'Tukutuku ni Vanua kei Viti'  
Kemueli Masikerei, Anselm Haanen, Graeme Crocker  
Implementation of a Spatial Information Systems Unit at the Soil Survey of Pakistan  
A. Ph. Neher, G. Dastgir, M. Ahmad  
Spatial Decision Support System for Locational Planning   
Iftikhar Uddin Sikder and Nagma Yasmin  
Spatial and Temporal Modelling for Sustainable Management of Tropical Rainforest - The Fuelwood Issue in the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve, West Java
A.G. Toxopeus   Demo: of Semi-Arid Rangelands: The Wildlife versus Livestock Issue in the Amboseli Ecosystem, Southern Kenya.
Spatial and Temporal Modelling for Sustainable Management of Semi-Arid Rangelands - The Wildlife versus Livestock Issue in the Amboseli Ecosystem, Southern Kenya
A.G. Toxopeus  Demo: of Tropical Rainforest: The Fuelwood Issue in the Cibodas Biosphere Reserve, West Java.
Application of Geo-Information System for Land Management - Case Study: Valtos Area, West Greece  
A. Trikatsoula, F. Tsouloucha, E. Vavoulidou and S. Theocharopoulos    
Updating Knowledge and Skills in Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resource Management in Southern and Eastern Africa (poster only)  
Michael Weir, Wouther Siderius, Bart Krol and Rob Hennemann
5. Other Papers  
Soil and Landsite Databases for Sustainable Land Management in Hungary 
G. Várallyay    
Sectoral GIS - the Only Alternative Open to Large Developing Countries for Sustainable Land Management 
R. Siva Kumar and MD Joshi
Sustainable Land Management in Kerala, India - A Biophysical Approach 
Srikumar Chattopadhyay and Mahamaya Chattopadhyay
An Application of GIS for Mapping of Flood Hazard and Risk Area in Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province, South of Thailand
P. Pramojanee, C. Tanavud, C. Yongchalermchai and C. Navanugraha
Integrated GIS as a Tool for Sustainable Land Study 
Alexander Kirsanov
Geomorphology of the Blue Nile - A Study Using Remote Sensing 
Osman A. Rahim Osman
Environmental Impact Assessment in a Watershed for Sustainable Land Management
M. Premalatha, S.K. Bhan and Li Fabin
Territorial Planning in Colombia
Angela Andrade
The Use of Remote Sensing /GIS in Planning of Sustainable Lfand Management in Nigeria - RECTAS Experience 
J.A. Ogumlami
The Cadastre as a Basis for Sustainable Development
Emmanuel Tembo
Land Use System Approach for Sustainable Urban Land Management in the African Environment - The Case of Ibadan in Nigeria
E. Amamoo-Otchere, P.A. Ozah and N. Erharuyi
Land Evaluation and Geographical Information Systems for Land Use Planning - A Case Study of the Municipality of Texcoco, Mexico
Enrique Ojeda-Trejo
Sustainable Land Management for Reclaimed Farms in Egypt: "Dina Integrated Farms"
M. Shawki Elghazali, Ashraf Nasr and Yasser Eimanadili
Land Information Management in Kenya - An Integrated Approach
G.C. Mulaku and Galcano Canny
Mapping Environmental Risk by Application of GIS Technologies in the Southern Part of Venice Province
Antonino Campagnoni and Michele Carta
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