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Photo Session About 46 photos covering the various aspects of the Conference
Sunday, 17 August 1997 
Arrival of participants and Registration  
17.00-22.00  'Ice Breaker Party', informal gathering at the DISH Hotel, Enschede  
Monday, 18 August 
Theme 1 Concepts of Sustainable Land Management Chairperson: 
C. Pieri
09.30-10.00  Opening Address Geo-Information for Sustainable Land Management? Questions to be Answered
Klaas Jan Beek International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC)
Opening Address by the FAO
R. Brinkman FAO-AGL, Rome
10.00-10.30  Concepts of Sustainable Land Management  
Hans Hurni
Centre for Development and Environment, University of Berne, Switzerland
10.30-11.00  Criteria and Indicators for Land Quality and Sustainable Land Management 
Julian Dumanski  
Agriculture Department World Bank, Washington
11.00-12.00 Contributed Papers on Conference Theme 1   
11.00 Indicators of Agricultural Sustainability at National Level - A Case Study of Venezuela 
José L. Berroterán and J. Alfred Zinck 
11.20 Decision Support System for Evaluating Sustainable Land Management in Sloping Lands of Asia 
Mohammad Rais, Eric T. Craswell, Sam Gameda, and Julian Dumanski 
11.40 Farm Level Indicators of Sustainable Land Management for the Development of Decision Support Systems 
S. Gameda, J. Dumanski and D. Acton 
12.00-13.30 Lunch and Tour of ITC Departments and Laboratories.   
Theme 2 Planning of Sustainable Land Management; User Needs and Possibilities Chairperson: 
R. Brinkman 
13.30-14.00  Planning Sustainable Land Management: the Hierarchy of User Needs  
Christian Pieri  
Agriculture Department World Bank, Washington
14.00-14.30  Planning of Sustainable Land Management: Finding a Balance between User Needs and Possibilities  
Frederick N. Muchena and Julie van der Bliek  
ETC, East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya and ETC Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
14.30-15.00  Geo-Information Needs: Effects of Scale  
Peter A. Burrough  
Netherlands Centre for Geoecology ICG, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Utrecht
15.00-15.20  Tea Break   
15.20-17.00  Contributed Papers on Themes 1 and 2   
15.20 The Acid Test - An Expert System for Acid Sulphate Soils
D. Dent, B. Dawson and G. Bowman
15.40 Planning of Sustainable Land and Water Management in Mbulu and Karatu Districts in Tanzania 
Frederick M. Mngube
16.00 Planning and Management of Land: Bringing Farmers' Decisions into the Picture 
Tomaso Ceccarelli
16.20 Employment Generation Schemes (EGS) as a Tool for Land Management 
Mejfin Abegaz Abebe
16.40 Sustainability of Maize Production in Kenya 
Stanley M. Wokabi
17.00-18.00  Poster Sessions Conference Themes 1 and 2 + Happy Hour   
Tuesday, 19 August
Theme 3 Land-Use Systems Approach to Sustainable Land Management Chairperson: 
J. Dumanski
08.30-09.00  The Land Use Systems Approach to Planning Sustainable Land Management at Several Scales  
Johan Bouma  
C.T. de Wit Graduate School of Production Ecology, Agricultural University, Wageningen
09.00-09.30  Biophysical Sustainability of Land Use Systems  
Paul M. Driessen  
Wageningen Agricultural University & ITC, Enschede
09.30-10.00  The Soft Side of Land: Socio-Economic Sustainability of Land Use Systems  
Niels Röling  
Wageningen Agricultural University, Chair Group Communication and Innovation Studies
10.00-10.30  Coffee Break  
10.30-12.30  Contributed Papers on Theme 3; Session-A Chairperson: 
J. Bouma
10.30 Conceptual and Operational Needs in Land Evaluation for Sustainability in Venezuela 
Juan A. Comerma and J.C. Rey
10.50 Application of Statistical Quality Control Charts and Geostatistics to Soil Quality Assesment in Semi-Arid Environment of South-Central Iran 
A. Moameni and J.A. Zinck 
11.10 Quantification of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Wheat Yields 
R. de Jong and D.W. Stewart
11.30 Land Use Information - Its Management and Importance 
C.A. de Bie 
  Contributed Papers on Theme 3; Session-B Chairperson: 
N.G. Röling 
10.30 Land Use System Approach to Sustainable Land Management in Indonesia 
Maryudi Sastrowihardjo 
10.50 Land Use and Land Right Dynamics under Conditions of Population Pressure - Trends and Perspectives for Eastern Burkina Faso 
Anette Reenberg and Christian Lund 
11.10 Land Use Systems Analysis, a Multi-Scale Methodology to Explore Options for Development of Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems 
N. van Duivenbooden 
11.30 Problems and Issues of Present Land Use System in Nepal 
S.P. Sah 
12.00-13.30 Lunch and Poster Session Conference Theme 3   
Theme 4 Integrating Biophysical and Socio-economic Analyses  Chairperson: 
13.30-14.00  Using the Mollifier Method to Characterize Data Sets and Models: The Case of the Universal Soil Loss Equation  
Michiel A. Keyzer and Ben G.J.S. Sonneveld  
Centre for World Food Studies (SOW), Free University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
14.00-14.30  Planning Sustainable Land Management at Regional Level: The Indonesian Case  
Jacub Rais  
MREP-PMC, Indonesia
14.30-15.00  The new FAO Approach to Land Use Planning and Management, and its Application in Sierra Leone  
Andrea Kutter, Freddy O. Nachtergaele, and Willy H. Verheye
15.00-15.30 Address: The Missing Scientific Links to Plan Sustainable Land Management at Farm Level - Past and Future  
Stein W. Bie  
International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR), The Hague
15.30-16.00 Tea Break  
16.00-18.00 Contributed Papers on Conference Theme 4; Session-A Chairperson: 
M. Velayutham 
16.00 The Resource User's Knowledge, the Neglected Input in Land Resource Management - The Case of the Kankanaey Farmers in Benguet, Philippines 
Maria Corazon Mendoza Lawas
16.20 Sustainable Land Management in China - Application of the ECCO Methodology 
Xiaohui Hao
16.40 The Dynamics of Sustainable Land Management and the Geo-Information in Burkina Faso 
Amidou Quedraogo
17.00 Geo-Information for Sustainable Rangeland Management - A Case Study of the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya
Hesbon M. Aligula, Mohammed Y. Said, Evanson C. Njuguna, Jan de Leeuw and Andrew K. Skidmore
17.20 Participatory Land Use Planning for Improving Customary Land Resource Productivity and Utilisation - A Zambian Proposal 
Herbert M. Mwanza
17.40 Poverty and Land Degradation - Prospects and Constraints for Sustainable Land Use in Rural Egypt
Mohammed Atif Kishk
  Contributed Papers on Conference Theme 4; Session-B Chairperson: 
A. Ramalho
16.00 Integrating Biophysical and Socio-Economic Models for Land Use Studies
M.D.A. Rounsevell, S.P. Evans, T.R. Mayr and E. Audsley
16.20 Carrying Capacity of Degrading Environments - The Case of the Sahel
E. Heleen van Haaften, Fons van de Vijver, Johan Leenaars and Paul Driessen
16.40 Development of a Computerized Aid to Integrated Land Use Planning at Regional Level - A Case Study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam 
Chu Thai Hoanh
17.00 Land Husbandry Practices in North Pare Mountains - The Case of TFAP North Pare Project, Mwanga, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
K.C.H. Mndeme
17.20 Rural Communities, Scientists and Soil Erosion - Common Ground at Cornfields? 
G.G. Garland and K. Pile 
17.40 Towards Sustainable Agriculture in a Marginal Area - A Case Study in Tibet 
Wang Zhengxing
±18.30  Departure for Evening Programme / Conference Dinner in the countryside  
Wednesday 20 August
Theme 5 Geo-information Infrastructure for Planning of Sustainable Land Management Chairperson: 
J. Rais
08.30-09.00  Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Sustainable Land Management  
Richard Groot  
International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) 
09.00-09.30  Use of Geographic Information Systems in (Planning) Sustainable Land Management in Brazil: Potentialities and User Needs  
Antônio Ramalho-Filho, Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira and Lauro Charlet Pereira
09.30-10.00  Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Land Management   
Andrew K. Skidmore, Wietske Bijker, Karin Schmidt and Lalit Kumar
International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC)
10.00-10.30  Coffee Break  
10.30-12.00  Contributed Papers on Themes 4 and 5; Session-A Chairperson: 
10.30 A Sysems-Approach Model for Conservation Planning of a Hilly Watershed 
J. Adinarayana
10.50 Modeling the Sustainability of Agro-Pastoral Land Use Systems with GIS - Model Development and Case Study of Semi-Arid Common Land Areas in Zimbabwe 
Susanne M.E. Groten and R. Bogere
11.10 Columbian Coffee GeoInformation System 
Carlos R. Valenzuela and Alfonso Zuluaga
11.30 Geo-Information System Modeling for Environmental Research Applications 
Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira and Suzana Druk Fuks 
11.50 Quantifying the Spatial Structure of Land Use Change: An Integrated Approach 
P.H. Verburg, G.H.J. de Koning, K. Kok, A. Veldkamp, L.O. Fresco and J. Bouma
  Contributed Papers on Themes 4 and 5; Session-B Chairperson: 
S. Bhan
10.30 Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in Sustainable Agricultural Management and Development - Indian Experience 
S.K. Bhan, S.K. Saha, L.M. Pande and J. Prasad
10.50 A Synergetic Approach towards Sustainable Land Resources Management Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques - An Indian Experience in the Semi-Arid Tropics under the National Project 'Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development' 
A. Perumal, SVC Kameswara Rao and N. Uday Bhaskar
11.10 GIS-Based Methods for Rural Land Use Analysis Based on Integrated Agriculture Control Systems IACS 
Ole Hjorth Caspersen and Jesper Stenstrup
11.30 Geo-Information for Planning of Sustainable Land Management - Hyper-GIS for Sustainable Land Cover / Land Use Change and Decision Making in Costa Rica 
G. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa
11.50 The Use of GIS for Land Use Planning in Mexico - Building a New System
Araceli Vargas-Mena and Magdalena Garcia-Rendón
12.10-13.00 Lunch   
Workshops, Conclusions, Recommendations  
13.30-15.00  Parallel Workshops on Geo-Information Needs for Planning of Sustainable Land Management :  
1. At the Regional Level 
     Chairperson:  J. Rais 
     Secretary:     H. Huizing
2. At the Project Level 
     Chairperson:  J. Comerma 
     Secretary:     D. Rossiter
3. At the Farm Level 
     Chairperson:  F. Muchena 
     Secretary:     K. de Bie
15.00-16.00  Poster Sessions + Tea   
16.00-17.00  Presentations of Workshop Conclusions and Recommendations and Plenary Discussion  
J.A. Zinck  
International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC)
17.00  Closing of Conference: Rector of ITC  
Prof.Dr.Ir. K. Harmsen
Thursday 21 August
Post-Conference Excursion   
08.00-18.00  Day trip through the central and eastern parts of The Netherlands: sustainable land management at various scales and input levels.   
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