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The following documents are available as a single, complete file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format suitable for downloading, printing, duplication and distribution. (To download the free Acrobat Reader and find out how to use PDF files click here.)

Field Documents
Reports of studies.
Reports and Miscellaneous Documents
Other reports, generally of meetings, training workshops or expert consultations.
Wood Energy News
The programme's newsletter.
Additional Papers
Texts of presentations, lectures, etc.

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  Field Documents

FD 53 Carbon Dioxide Offset Investment in the Asia-Pacific Forestry Sector: Opportunities and Constraints 279 KB
FD 52 Images of Wood and Biomass Energy in Industries in Thailand 1,971 KB
FD 50 Regional Study on Wood Energy Today and Tomorrow in Asia 1,163 KB
FD 49 The Woodfuel Scenario and Policy Issues in India 618 KB
FD 48 Data Collection & Analysis for Area-Based Energy Planning, A Case Study in Phrao District, Northern Thailand 405 KB
FD 47 Review of Wood Energy Data in RWEDP Member Countries 581 KB
FD 46 Biomass Briquetting: Technology and Practices 317 KB
FD 45 Woodfuel Productivity of Agroforestry Systems in Asia 386 KB
FD 44 Improved Solid Biomass Burning Cookstoves: A Development Manual 943 KB
FD 42 Patterns of Commercial Woodfuel Supply, Distribution and Use in the City and Province of Cebu, Philippines 757 KB
FD 39 Woodfuel Flows in the Dry Zone of Myanmar - A Case Study 1,057 KB
FD 37 Wood Energy Development: Planning, Policies and Strategies
a.Vol.I Report on the RWEDP Regional Meetings on Wood Energy Planning and Policies1,448 KB
b.Vol.II Papers Presented at the "Expert Consultation on Data Analysis and Assessment for Wood Energy Planning"1,904 KB
c.Vol.III Papers Presented at the "Seminar on Policy Instruments for the Implementation of Wood Energy Development Programmes"1,178 KB
FD 35 Status and Development Issues of the Brick Industry in Asia 474 KB
FD 33 Vietnam Tropical Forestry Action Programme - Fuelwood and Energy Sectoral Review 928 KB
FD 26 Wood Fuel Flows: Rapid Rural Appraisal in Four Asian Countries
Part I Introduction and Appendices230 KB
Part II Wood Energy Flows, RRA Study in Pokhara, Nepal776 KB
Part III Rural-Urban Dependence on Wood Energy in a Selected Area in Laguna Province, Philippines; A Rapid Rural Appraisal913 KB
Part IV Rural-Urban Interdependencies in the Commercial Wood Energy System in Majalaya Sub-district, West-Java832 KB
Part V Urban-Rural Wood Energy Interdependency in a District of Northeast Thailand1,180 KB

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  Reports and Misc. Documents

RM 39 Second Regional Advisory Committee Meeting 565 KB
RM 36 Regional Expert Consultation on Modern Applications of Biomass Energy 718 KB
RM 34 National Workshop in Bangladesh on Wood-based energy sytems for Rural Industries and Village Applications 283 KB
RM 33 National Training Workshop on Woodfuel Trade in Myanmar 755 KB
RM 32 Proceedings of the Regional Expert Consultation on Selection Criteria and Priority Rating for Assistance to Traditional Biomass Energy Using Industries 356 KB
RM 30 Woodfuel Flows, An overview of four studies 284 KB
RM 29 Energy and Environment Basics 500 KB
RM 28 Regional Workshop on Stoves Used for Space Heating and Cooking at Different Altitudes and/by Ethnic Groups 368 KB
RM 27 National Training Course for Vietnam on Woodfuel Production and Marketing in Forest, Agriculture and Tree Production Systems 250 KB
RM 26 Training Workshop on Integrating Woodfuel Production into the Implementation of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Extension Programs in South Asia 1,115 KB
RM 25 Regional Course on Trade in Wood Fuel Related Products 811 KB
RM 24 Sub-Regional Training Course on Women in Wood Energy Development 462 KB
RM 23 International Workshop on Biomass Briquetting 781 KB
RM 22 Expert Consultation on Gender and Wood Energy in Asia 454 KB
RM 21 Integrating Woodfuel Production into Agroforestry Extension Programmes in Southeast Asia 545 KB
Report Biomass Energy in ASEAN Member Countries 626 KB

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  Wood Energy News

WEN 13.3 Wood Energy in China 590 KB
WEN 13.2 Wood Energy Information 723 KB
WEN 13.1 The People's Fuel 642 KB
WEN 12.2 Wood Energy Outlook 244 KB
WEN 12.1 Wood Energy, Women and Health 244 KB
WEN 11.3 Wood Energy and Environment 314 KB
WEN 11.2 Wood Energy Data 336 KB
WEN 11.1 Wood Energy Resources 295 KB
WEN 10.4 Wood Energy Planning 266 KB
WEN 10.3 Modern Wood Energy 274 KB
WEN 10.2 Gender and Wood Energy 409 KB
WEN 10.1 Regional Issues 338 KB
WEN 9.1 The New Project 264 KB

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  Additional Papers

Paper The Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning model (LEAP) and Wood Energy Planning: Overview and Exercises 228 KB
Paper No Substitution of Traditional Fuels 29 KB
Paper Wood Energy Planning: Building Capacities in Asia 108 KB
Paper Biomass/Wood Energy Resources: Commercial Prospects for Wood-Based Technologies 54 KB
Paper Agricultural and Forest Residues: Generation, Utilization and Availability 136 KB
Paper Charcoal and its Socio-Economic Importance in Asia: Prospects for Promotion 78 KB
Paper Improved Cook Stoves Programmes: Some Lessons from Asia 9 KB

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