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Wood Energy Links

Note: The links just work when you are connected with the Internet. However by pointing to a link the Internet address will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Below you will find links to the sites of our member countries' institutions and others that have information relevant to wood energy.

FAO Sites
Forestry Home Page
Sustainable Development: Energy for Development
Forest Energy Forum

Country Sites

Ministry of Environment & Forests
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)
Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI)
Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi (IITD)
Ministry of Forestry and Estate (@bonet)
Ministry of Forestry and Estate (@mofrinet)
ASEAN-EU Energy Management Training and Research Center (AEEMTRC)
Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)
Economic Planning Unit
The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Official Government Home Page
Department of Energy
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Royal Forest Department
Department of Energy Development and Promotion (Thai only)
National Energy Policy Office
Asian Institute of Technology AIT, which hosts the Regional Energy Resources Information Center RERIC and the EC-ASEAN COGEN Programme

Other Sites

Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online
The SEI-B Energy and Environment Program, the organization behind LEAP and EDB: Tools for Integrated Energy Analysis
The FAO Farmer-Centered Agricultural Resource Management Programme (FARM)
Department of Science, Technology and Society (NW&S) of the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, interesting research in various fields of energy, including biomass energy
ITDG Intermediate Technology Publications and Bookshop
Training Courses at RECOFTC, the Regional Community Forestry Training Center
Rural Energy and Development, an MSc course at ITC, Netherlands
International training programme on Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development at the University of Twente, Netherlands
ANUTECH Development International offers study tours to Australia in Natural Resource Management
Links pages, databases, etc.
The Energy Information on Internet (EII) database comprises 708 detailed descriptions and characterizations of energy-related information sources that can be accessed through Internet.
The Electronic Development and Environment Information System (ELDIS), a search guide and database hosted by the British Library for Development Studies
Bio Tools, useful sites for Biomass and Biomass Energy
Global Energy Marketplace, a searchable directory
Biomass Info Center, an extensive list of biomass energy sites.
Bioenergy Online Resources, maintained by the Bioenergy Information Network of the U.S. Dept. of Energy
Energysearch by the Electric Power Research Institute
Wood Heat, information about the merits of wood heating

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