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Woodfuel Production in Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Extension Programs

Training Workshop for South Asia

RWEDP Report No.26, October 1996

Table of Contents

This report includes the proceedings of the Training Workshop on Integrating Woodfuel Production into the Implementation of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Extension Programs in South Asia, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in collaboration with the Bangladesh Forest Department and the Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council, from 24-30 October 1995.

The report consists of two parts and eight annexures. In part I, it describes the second sub-regional training workshop which had participation of resource persons and participants from the member countries in South Asia. Besides presenting the training workshop background, part one deals with the other topics such as training process, participants expectations, brief country reports, and field exercises. The mini proposals for national level follow-up under RWEDP´s assistance which were prepared by the participants for their respective countries are provided in the report, in addition to the findings of the evaluation of the training by the participants.

Part II of the report presents the general wood energy situation in South Asia, together with some country specific presentations: two from Bangladesh, one on the policy and strategy in support of non-forest area woodfuel production, and the second on the role of non-forest land in woodfuel production; one from India, to highlight the woodfuels under community forestry protection in Orissa State; two from Pakistan, one dealing with integration of woodfuel production, flow and utilization in the training curricula of the PFI, and the second on production of woodfuel in non-forest lands and its flow to users; and one from Sri Lanka, also on the role of non-forest land on woodfuel production. Part II also includes the framework which explains the factors that affect farm household-level decisions regarding agroforestry. Annexures in the report encompass the details of inaugural and closing sessions, workshop program, list of participants, etc..

 Table of contents
Part I: Main report
2.Training Process
3.Participants Expectations
4.Brief Country Reports
5.Participatory Approach in Extension Methods
6.Field Exercise
7.Mini Proposals for National Level Training Program
8.Course evaluation
Part II: Papers presented
1.Integrating Woodfuel Production in the Implementation of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Extension Programmes in South Asia
2.Policy and Strategy of the Forestry Sector in Support of Non-Forest Area Wood Production: An Overview of Bangladesh
3.Woodfuels Under Community Forestry Production in Orissa, India
4.A Framework for Understanding Agroforestry Decision Making at the Farm Household-Level
5.Integration of Woodfuel Production, Flow and Utilization in the Training Curricula of the Pakistan Forest Institute
6.Production of Woodfuel in Non-Forest Lands and Its Flow to Users in Pakistan
7.The Role of Non-Forest Land in Woodfuel Production in Sri Lanka
8.The Role of Non-Forest Land in Woodfuel Production in Bangladesh

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