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Wood Energy News

The programme's newsletter, Wood Energy News, which is published on a regular basis, addresses a wide variety of wood energy issues, such as woodfuel resources, woodfuel flows, wood energy planning and policies and wood energy technologies. Its purpose is to share information on wood energy issues with its subscribers. Suggestions, reactions or contributions are more than welcome, and don't forget to share your own experiences.

   New issues of Wood Energy News will be made available on these pages. If you fill in the registration form, we can send you an email notification of new issues.

Below is a list of all issues of Wood Energy News that are available on this site.

WEN 13.3 (12/98) Wood Energy in China
WEN 13.2 (6/98) Wood Energy Information
WEN 13.1 (3/98) The People's Fuel
WEN 12.2 (10/97) Wood Energy Outlook
WEN 12.1 (4/97) Wood Energy, Women and Health
WEN 11.3 (9/96) Wood Energy and Environment
WEN 11.2 (6/96) Wood Energy Data
WEN 11.1 (3/96) Wood Energy Resources
WEN 10.4 (12/95) Wood Energy Planning
WEN 10.3 (9/95) Modern Wood Energy
WEN 10.2 (6/95) Gender and Wood Energy
WEN 10.1 (3/95) Regional Issues
WEN 9.1 (6/94) The New Project

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