Annexure 1

Definition of terms
The total study of living beings or organisms and effect on the surroundings. Also the interaction or dependency between organisms and their setting and effects on each other.

Ecosystems: A specific and self contained area in which all species, plants and animal interact with each other and are interdependent upon each other as well as the environment in which they live.

Environment: Natural environment includes water, air, and land the interrelationship that exists among and between water, air land human beings other living organisms, and property.

Environmentalists: Activists who work to preserve the environment from further deterioration.

Garbage: It contains putresible organic material and will decompose rapidly, especially in warm weather. It needs special consideration due to its nature of attracting vermin and of producing very strong odour.

Infectious wastes: Any substance or material which has come into contact with or has been used with a substance where an infectious agent may have been present.

Refuse-derived fuel( RDF)
Product of a mixed waste processing system in which certain recyclable and non-combustible material are removed, with the remaining combustible material converted for use as a fuel to create energy.