Annexure 4

Simpson's Indices
Gives the dominance and diversity of species.
C=S(ni/n) 2
ni= Number of individual in each species
N= Total number of individuals in that community
C= Dominance index
Reciprocal of dominance index is diversity index

*Shannon-wiener Index

This method is used to compare diversity between different community and habitats. The value of Shannon-Wiener index usually falls between 1.5 and 3.5 and rarely surpass 4.5.

H=-S(Pi loge(Pi))
Where Pi=(ni/N)
H = Shannon wiener diversity index

*Evenness Index
This index shows the equality of abundance.

e= (H/logeS)
e = Peiben evenness index
S= number of species

NDVI (Normal Difference Vegetation Index)

It is a vegetation index that separates green vegetation from the background soil brightness by using satellite data.


The value lies between -1 to 1 [0 and negative values indicate no vegetation].