Course: Environmental Management 3+0

Department: Centre for Continuing Education (
September to December 2019

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Course Details (Announcement, etc.)

Co-coordinator :
Dr. T. V. Ramachandra
Energy and wetlands Research Group, TE 15, Center for Ecological Sciences,
New Biology Building, Near D Gate, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012

Web:, Email:, Phone: 91-080-22933099/22933503 extn 107

Course Reference Book :

Vijay Kulkarni and Ramachandra T V, 2009. Environmental Management, Commonwealth of Learning, Canada and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Printed by Teri Press, New Delhi.
Online Purchase at - )

Please procure this publication quickly. The chapters are in self-learning format and go through first five chapters (mid term exam is based on the first five chapters of this book)

Environmental Management

Author : Vijay Kullkarni and T V Ramachandra
Year : 2009
Size : 18.4 x 24 cm; 375pp; (Hardbound)
Language : English
ISBN : 978-81-7993-184-4
Cover price : Rs 550.00 / US $112.00
Special price : Rs 495.00 / US $101.00
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Available Locations: Distributors List

Management of Municipal Solid Waste

Author : Ramachandra T.V.
Year : 2006
Language : English
Important Dates

Contact Session
Midterm exam

3nd-8th September 2019 (8:30am-6pm)
8th Sept 2019 (2-5pm)

Internet sessions

October and November 2019

Final Exam

23nd to 28thDecember 2019*
28thDecember 2019(2-5pm)

*schedule will be finalized in consultation with all participants (during September 2019 session) )

**during December (23-28th) 2019.

 Course Announcement :

Course Schedule :

Venue: CCE Lecture Hall (next to IISc Students’ Hostel office, NESARA/Kabini restaurant), Indian Institute of Science
Registration: 3rd September 2019, 8.30 am
Class Schedule: 9 am to 6 pm (may go beyond depending on the session)
3rd- 8th September 2019
8th September 2018
First contact Session,
Mid term Exam
October to November 2019 E-learning: Chat session, E mail, Interaction through discussion via E mail
December 2019* Final Contact session: Presentation of 10 units by participants (23-27th December 2019),
Final Examination (28th December 2019)

*Schedule will be finalized in consultation with all participants (during September 2019 session).

E. Tutors :

E Mail
Internet – chat session, etc.
Dr. T. V. Ramachandra Co-ordinator
Asulabha K S Subject expert
Bharath H Aithal Subject expert
Sincy V Subject expert
Bharath Settur Subject expert
Vinay S Subject expert
Sudarshan P. Bhat Subject expert

Internet Course:
Enviroment Management (3:0), Sept - Dec 2019

Programme Outline :

  1. First Contact Session : First week of September 2019 (3-8 Sept 2019), Topics Covered: All ten chapters, Guest lectures – Urban solid waste management, Processing techniques, aquatic ecosystems monitoring – diatoms, economic valuation, landscape ecology, unplanned urbanization and consequences on the local environment, Mid term exam (8 September 2019) PLEASE READ FIRST FIVE CHAPTERS – EXAMINATION WILL BE BASED ON 5 CHAPTERS AND THE SESSION WILL BE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS

  2. Accommodation : All outstation participants will be accommodated at Centenary Visitors Guest House / Hoysala Guest House, IISc Campus (in case outstation who has not indicated in the application but require accommodation need to inform us –

    Please check your accommodation details at -

  3. Internet Session : Discussion of 10 chapters through Chat session moderated by respective participants
    Dates will be finalsied during the first contact session

Dates, time (7.30-8.30 pm, 1930 – 2030 hrs)

Moderator I
Moderator II


  1. Assignments : At the end of each chat session, an assignment would be announced to be submitted as email attachment within a week (From the announcement date).

  2. Tests : Quiz with random questions would be arranged once we complete significant number of chapters (after 4/5 chapters)

  1. Projects (Titles will be finalized during the midterm contact session)

  2. Slno.
    Dissertation Title

    Last date for submission - 15th Nov 2019

Format for Dissertation :

Format for Dissertation






Literature Review



Study Area



Scope for further work




Journal Article:
Author/s, year, Title of the article, Journal title, Vol (Issue), Page no’s

Author/s, year, Title of the book, publisher, place
Vijay Kulakarni and Ramachandra, T.V. 2009, Environmental Management, Commonwealth of Learning, Canada and IISc, Bangalore, Printed by TERI Press, New Delhi

Note: The report be submitted in e-version as well as one hard copy (no plastics for cover page, etc.)

Final contact Session : December 2019
Venue: CCE Lecture Hall (next to IISc Students’ Hostel office, NEASRA) Indian Institute of Science
Class Schedule:
8 30 am to 6 pm (IISc time)

Dates Activities
23rd to 25th Dec 2019 Presentation of 10 chapters by participants
26th to 27th Dec 2019 Presentation of Dissertation, Guest lectures
28th Dec 2019 Final Exam
25th January 2020 Announcement of Results
15th March 2020 Dispatch of graded certificates by CCE office
Contact person : For certificate, Accommodation
Mr.Nagaraj, Mr. Narayana Swamy (22932247/2055),


Accommodation arrangements: At Centenary Guest House/ Hoysala Guest house

Near Ramaih Hospital, IISc , Bangalore (Phone: 080 22933500 / 22932100)
Route Map - GH_map.jpg

Behind Physics Department, IISc Campus, Bangalore-12 (Phone: 080 - 22932535))
Route Map - GH_map.jpg

Food availability in the campus
Closer to Hoysala House Hotel/Restaurant – NESARA Restaurant (8 am to 9:30pm),
Kabini Canteen (8 am to 9 30 pm)
Closer to CCE Lecture Hall – Prakruthi Canteen (7 am to 10 pm) near TATA Book house/IISc Security office Administration: CCE Office (opposite to IISc Security office/ ATM’s of SBI and Canara Bank)

Breakfast and Dinner are available (on payment) closer to Hoysala House (Nesara/Kabini Restaurant) Breakfast and Dinner (on request and payment) are available at Centenary Visitors Guesthouse (CVH), where all outstation participants (who have asked for accommodation) have been accommodated. Details at

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