Distance Education :


Outline & Objective

Competency based education is defined as an instructional system in which a performance-based learning process is used. The learner demonstrates his/her level of attainment on subject-area. Intensive internet based course format, gives the participants to take more responsibility for their own learning process. Subject material for courses in Internet Based Education is offered in four different modes for the registered participants:

Downloadable mode :

Downloadable mode empowers to offer education in a dynamic form to students. Participants can access lessons, assignments and submit their scripts online. They need not brood if they miss lessons - they can download the lesson notes and access archived lessons, tutorial sessions, lectures, etc.

Read-only mode :

Participants may be able to only read the course materials on concepts and analysis

Interaction-through-Internet :

The interactive learning provides an environment for participants to talk and discuss freely about any related topics on-line or off-line.

There are two ways of interaction

Ø Xchat : Client Server Model that works with Internet Relay Chat Server Protocol, it allows servers to connect to each other effectively forming a network. Protocol is used by servers to talk to each other. Instructor and participants can interact and discuss on related topic for stipulated time given by the Instructor.

Ø Mailing Group : Participants can become member of mailing group by registering their name in the group. Once approved by the instructor, participants can post their questions to this group ID. This way Course Instructor or any other participant can reply to questions that will be read by all the members in that group including the instructor.

Classroom Interaction:

The classroom session will be held in CCE Lecture halls. Duration will be notified by the instructor. During the classroom session, participants coming from outstation have to arrange their own accommodation.

Duration and Course Fee

The course is designed for 4 months .

Course Fee :

  • Rs 8000  for participants nominated from academic institutions and government agencies.
  • Rs. 6000 for ISTE Members – with work experience of  5 years as teaching faculty and nominated from academic institutions
  • Rs. 3000 for unemployed women FRESH graduates and weaker sections (including SCs/STs)
  • Rs.12,000 for participants from industries and independent consultants

Number of registrants is restricted to 50 students. Admission is based on first come, first serve basis. Along with the application, the course fee has to be sent in the form of DD only. DD to be drawn in favor of  ' Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore ', payable at Bangalore.

Send your application form to:
Deputy Registrar
Centre for Continuing Education,
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, INDIA

Course Schedule

  • Course material (in self learning format) would be provided to all registered participants.
  • Class room briefing and introductory sessions at the beginning of the courses (5 days) followed by first term test (covering 5 chapters) - During September 2008.
  • October and November 2008: Interactive session through internet (web and email) for two months. The course will be active only as online study through Internet and interaction with course faculty by chat sessions, Internet discussion forums and e-mail. Participation in online test and assignments are mandatory.
  • November and December 2008: Announcement of dissertation and implementation by participations
  • December 2008: Final Contact session (interactive session, project presentations, guest lectures), Final exam
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