Lake 2010: Wetlands, Biodiversity and Climate Change
22nd-24th December 2010
  1. Research Highlights of Energy and Wetlands Research Group @ CES, IISc
  1. Ecosystem and Sacred Natural Sites
  1. Biodiversity – Terrestrial, Aquatic
  1. Climate change and biodiversity
  1. Conservation, Restoration and Management of Ecosystems
  1. Coastal ecosystems: Biodiversity, Livelihood aspects, Conservation
  1. Lakes,  rivers, estuaries: water quality, biotic resources, sustainable  management
  1. Environment – Monitoring and Management
  1. Urbanisation – Impacts on ecosystems
  1. Impact of climate change on wetlands
  1. Climate change and natural disasters
  1. Energy, Ecology and Environment,  Environmental Education
  1. Open source GIS, Application of Geoinformatics in conservation and management
  1. Solid Waste Management – Approaches (at home, city, State)
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