LAKE 2014 : Conference on Conservation and Sustainable Management of Wetland Ecosystems in Western Ghats
13th - 15th November 2014
Lake 2014 – Objectives

Focus of Lake 2014 would be

  1. assessment of the present status  and conservation aspects of wetlands, lakes, tanks, ponds, swamps, streams and rivers in the Western Ghats,

  2. presentation by researchers, practitioners, students of  case studies focusing on biodiversity, ecology, present status, threats, conservation measures required,

  3. discussion of current programmes on restoration, conservation oand management of wetlands,

  4. role of education institutions, non-governmental organisations, religious organisations,

  5. discussion of people’s livelihood and fundamental right towards equitable resource allocation through scientific assessment of ecosystem goods and services,

  6. presentation by students (schools and colleges) based on documentation foussing on  wetlands – biodiversity, present status, ecology, conservation and protection needs,

  7. allocation of financial and human resources to conserve and protect ecologically fragile ecosystems,

  8. proposals by students and non-governmental organisations for conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems,

  9. discussion on research gaps and activities to be initiated by researchers to evolve appropriate strategies towards conservation of ecosystems in Western Ghats.