LAKE 2014 : Conference on Conservation and Sustainable Management of Wetland Ecosystems in Western Ghats
13th - 15th November 2014
Programme Details
Date Morning Session
(9 am to 1 noon)
Afternoon Session
(2 pm to 6 pm)
13th November 2014 Inaugural Session, Presidential Address, Keynote Talk, Felicitation of Senior Researchers Session on “Integrated Ecological Carrying Capacity of Uttara Kannada” – 35 themes
14th November 2014 Technical Sessions: Biodiversity, land use dynamics, Aquatic Ecology, Forest Ecology, Sacred Groves,  water, Wetlands and agriculture, pollution, green technology, environment ethics, limnology.
Presentations by school and college students (parallel sessions)
Technical sessions: Myristica Swamps, wetlands, climate change, global warming, valuation of ecosystems, carbon sequestration, environmental education, ecotourism, sustainable livelihood.
Presentations by school and college students (parallel sessions)
15th November 2014 Key note talk,
presentation by school and college students (finalists)
Panel Discussion,  Cultural programme, valedictory programme, distribution of prizes, certificates (prize and participation)
16th November 2014 Field Visit