LAKE 2018 : Conference on Conservation and Sustainable Management of Riverine Ecosystems

The 11th Biennial Lake Conference
Date: 22nd - 25th November 2018


Papers are invited on the following themes from researchers, planners, development managers, economists and social scientists, school (VIII – XII students) and college students, school and college teachers.

Topics for Paper Presentation/ Poster in Lake 2018:

  1. Wetlands for sustainable future;
  2. Aquatic Ecosystems - Food and water security, people’s livelihood;
  3. Climate Change and Western Ghats: Water sustenance;
  4. Biodiversity, hydrology & Ecology of Western Ghats;
  5. Wetlands and swamps: Restoration, Conservation and Management;
  6. Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems: Linkages
  7. Land use, Land cover dynamics in Western Ghats
  8. Carrying capacity of river basins in Western Ghats;
  9. Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and services;
  10. Sacred Groves (kans, devarakadu) and Myristica Swamps;
  11. Eco-Tourism in Western Ghats and Carbon sequestration;
  12. Application of Geoinformatics in Ecosystems Management;
  13. Natural and Anthropogenic disasters;
  14. Limnology, aquatic ecology, biodiversity and prospects of bio-monitoring;
  15. Pollution –terrestrial and aquatic - Monitoring and Management, bioremediation;
  16. Sustainable Agriculture and organic farming;
  17. Coastal ecosystems – Biodiversity, Ecology, Productivity and livelihood aspects;
  18. Prospects of Renewable Energy (solar, biofuel, bioenergy) and Energy Conservation;
  19. Environmental Education and Sustainable Development;
  20. Environment Ethics and Green Technology; and Environment Literacy.

There are three awards in students and teachers category— High School (VIII, IX, X); College (XI, XII and UG) and Teachers (school and college). Awards for the best paper presentation would include a Certificate and a Memento. The best posters would be similarly, awarded.