Decision Support System for Regional Domestic Energy Planning

T. V. Ramachandra1,* , S. Vamsee Krishna2 and B. V. Shruthi2
1 Energy Research Group, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
2 Centre for Sustainable Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012


The main objective is to design and implement a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS), which is capable of performing the following activities: (i) Determine the fuel consumption pattern in various agro-climatic zones and determine the parameters involved in the variation and level of consumption; (ii) Measure and estimate the daily per capita fuel wood consumption in traditional and improved stoves for cooking, water heating, etc; (iii) Providing means of entering, ascessing and generating reports (based on indices of consumption); and (iv) Analyses of energy indices and interpretation for the purpose of sound decision making.

Thus the overall objective of this DSS is the development of set of tools aimed at transforming data into information and aid decisions for domestic energy consumption.

Technical Description

The DSS provides and integrate framework for easy access of data analysis and the design and evaluation of domestic energy consumption strategies with a unified user interface (Fig. 1), comprising: i) Fully menu-driven Graphical User Interface (GUI), with a built in context sensitive help features; ii) A special feature of the database is its handling, display and analysis of observation time series data, with a linkage to real time data acquisition and monitoring; iii) Comparative analyses of State to village level domestic energy consumption patterns; and iv) It supports realistic analysis and practical simulations of energy consumptions.

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