Decision Support System for Regional Domestic Energy Planning

T. V. Ramachandra1,* , S. Vamsee Krishna2 and B. V. Shruthi2
1 Energy Research Group, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
2 Centre for Sustainable Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012


Survey data of Kolar district was implemented based on the flowchart for navigation of DSS (Fig. 3). An executable file was provided for this application and by executing, a form was displayed (Fig. 4) with level of analysis (village, taluk, district, and state), sector (domestic, municipal, industrial, transport, agriculture, etc.), reports (levels, sector-wise reports), analysis (per-capita fuel wood or kerosene consump­tion for cooking, water heating, etc.) and Help menu options. Fig. 5 allows the user to enter the data resource-wise (fuel wood, electricity, etc.) sector-wise (domestic, agriculture, transport, etc.), and activity­wise (cooking, heating, lighting, etc.). Fig. 6 depicts the form for computation of region-wise (village/taluk/district) energy demand. Similarly, Fig. 7 provides the activity-wise energy consumption. Fig. 8 shows the biogas consumption in Kolar district for all the four cases depending on the resource availability.

Average per-capita consumption of fuel wood (Table 2) for cooking ranges from 0.69±0.34 in Bangarpet (summer) to 1.42±0.27 kg/capita/d in Gudibanda (all seasons), while for water heating, it ranges from 0.11±0.07 in Chintamani (all seasons) to 0.71±0.25 kg/capita/d in Gauribidanur (monsoon & winter).

Analysis of the average per-capita consumption of electricity (Table 3) for cooking, water heating and lighting shows that electricity consumption for cook­ing ranges from 0.44±0.28 (summer) to 0.46±0.25 kWh/capita/month (monsoon and winter) in Kolar taluk. Consumption of electricity for water heating ranges from 0.2±0.08 in Kolar (all seasons) to 0.16±0.08 kWh/capita/month in Malur (all seasons) in Kolar district. Electricity for lighting purpose ranges from 5.17±2.16 (Gudibanda) to 6.57±4.07 kWh/capita/month (Sidlaghatta) in Kolar district.

Average per-capita consumption of kerosene (Table 4) for cooking, ranges from 0.44±0.16 in Gauribidanur (monsoon and winter) to 1±0.76 l/capita/month in Chintamani (monsoon and winter) and for lighting it ranges from 0.39±0.1 in Malur (monsoon) to 0.74±0.08 in Gudibanda (summer). Average per-capita consumption of LPG for cooking (Table 5) ranges from 0.18±0.05 in Malur (all seasons) to 1.03±1.35 kg/capita/month in Kolar (all seasons). Biogas consumption (Table 6) for lighting, ranges from 0.6±0.29 in Kolar (all seasons) to 0.76 ±0.28 m3/capita/d in Malur (all seasons).

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