Mapping of Fuel wood Trees using Geoinformatics

T.V. Ramachandra a,b,c,*


This research was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India (under UNDP-NRDMS Programme) and ISRO-IISc Space Technology Cell. I thank KSCST for providing the IRS-1C MSS and PAN Data. I thank Mr. G.R. Rao, Mr. Lakshminarayana for their assistance in the fieldwork, Mr. Kiran Kumar Mulagadda for data analysis and Mr.Susanto Sen for proof reading the manuscript. I amgrateful to Prof. B.N. Raghunandan, Dr. Midha, Dr. P.S. Acharya and Dr. Pritviraj for suggestions while carrying out fieldwork in Kolar.

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