Spatial Decision Support System for Assessing Micro, Mini and Small Hydel Potential
1 T.V. Ramachandra, Rajeev Kumar Jha, S. Vamsee Krishna and B.V. Shruthi
Centre for Ecological Sciences,
1 Centre for Sustainable Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India


This study describes the design and implementation of DSS for assessment of Mini, Micro and Small Schemes. The design links a set of modelling, manipulation, spatial analyses and display tools to a structured database that has the facility to store both observed and simulated data. The main hypothesis is that this tool can be used to form a core of practical methodology that will result in more resilient in less time and can be used by decision-making bodies to assess the impacts of various scenarios (e.g.: changes in land use pattern) and to review cost and benefits of decisions to be made. It also offers means of entering, accessing and interpreting the information for the purpose of sound decision making. Thus, the overall objective of this DSS is the development of set of tools aimed at transforming data into information and aid decisions at different scales.

Keywords: Catchment area, land use, land cover dynamics, hydropower, electric energy, precipitation, run-of-river plants, stream flow

Citation: Ramachandra T.V., Rajeev Kumar Jha, Vamsee Krishna S., and Shruthi B.V., 2004. Spatial Decision Support System for Assessing Micro, Mini and Small Hydel Potential, Journal of Applied Sciences, 4(4): 596-604.

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