Geoinformatics: Principles and Applications in Urban Environment Management
1st June – 6th June 2009

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Geoinformatics is increasingly being used to solve complex environmental problems in domains such as management of natural resources, land use planning and management, nature conservation, and environmental monitoring, require reliable spatial information and methodologies. Geoinformatics combines expertise from the fields of: - information and communication technology (ICT); - geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing, GPS and mapping; - environmental and social sciences such as land use planning, geography, and communication. This workshop provides an overview of the key concepts and principles in Geoinformatics and its applications in environmental management, areas of global and national environmental concern. Various tools, which can be used to address environmental problems and the role that the professionals can play in managing environment in their respective areas would be discussed.

Workshop Structure

  • Geographical information systems: Introduction, from the real world to GIS, basic data models, Geo-references and co-ordinate systems, basic spatial analysis and modeling, GIS implementation and project management, GIS issues and prospects, Data models and data quality : Problems and prospects, GIS in Environmental modeling : Urban modeling, atmospheric modeling, landsurface-subsurface modeling, biological/ecological modeling, infrastructure development planning , disaster management and risk modeling.
  • Physical aspects of remote sensing, spectral characteristics of earth's surface and of atmosphere, Sensors and their characteristics: multi-spectral scanners. Visual and machine interpretation of imagery. Ground truth data. Digital image processing and image classification. Concept of environment, economic benefits of remote sensing, the geographical uses of remote sensing,  sensors for environmental monitoring.
  • Remote sensing and GIS integration, Applications to resources inventorying, monitoring  and management.
  • Principles of Environmental Management, Overview of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Related Issues in Environmental Management
  • Application of Remote Sensing : Urban sprawl analysis,  Hazards and disasters, Water in environment, Soil and landforms, Ecology, conservation and resource management, Landuse/landcover dynamics, etc.
  • Laboratory sessions: GIS- digitization of vector layers, creation of thematic layers, remote sensing data analysis (everyday during 3 -6.30PM).
Lectures: lab sessions: 65:35


Dr. T.V. Ramachandra
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science

E Mail:
Tel: 080-2293 3099/ 23600985


Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP)
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, India.


Faculty:  IISc Faculty will deliver the lectures and lab sessions will be handled by research scholars and project staff.
Venue: JNCASR seminar hall, IISc campus.
Workshop schedule:  9 30 am to 6.30 pm

The workshop is meant for faculty (recognized engineering colleges in India) and CiSTUP stakeholders. TA  would be provided to the select teachers. Faculty desiring for Travel allowance need to send a brief write-up  on  “Relevance of Geoinformatics in India” and  how ”Geoinformatics workshop would  benefit their career”. Application and write-up is to be routed through their institution. Selected outstation candidates would be paid TA three-tier train / bus fare by the shortest route from the place of work to IISc, Bangalore and back. The lodging charges at campus guest house is Rs.150 per day (for teachers - sponsored by an education institution)

Workshop Registration Fee:
1. Fee waiver for young teaching faculty (< 30 years)
2. TA would be paid to the outstation participants whose write-up is accepted by the committee
3. Fee waiver for women unemployed engineering graduates  
4. Fee of Rs 1500 for officials from the State Government agencies (CiSTUP stakeholders) and teaching faculty (>30 years and members of ISTE)
4. Rs.12000 for practicing engineers and scientists from R & D organisations, industries, and others interested in this workshop. The registration fee entitles the candidates to participate in the workshop and receive the workshop materials.

Accommodation: Single room accommodation is available at the Hoysala/Jawahar Guest house on the campus. The participants have to request in advance along with the registration form for such accommodation. The lodging charges will be Rs. 250 per day subject to the availability of the accommodation for non-teachers.

Application  Submission: Intending applicants may use the attached application form (or a photocopy of the same).  Workshop registration fee (and room rent – outstation participants) is to be paid by demand draft drawn in favour of ‘Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012 (payable at Bangalore) and should be submitted along with the application. This amount will be refunded to those not selected and at the end of the workshop to those selected.
Deadlines: Completed Application form (with DD and other enclosures): 20th May 2009
Intimation of Selection: 25th May 2009.


( Please mail to reach before 20th May 2009 )


Office Address:_____________________ _____________________________________________________________________

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Date of Birth: ____________________

Sex : Male / Female

Highest Academic Qualification and subject (with proof) _________________ __________________________________

Professional Experience: _____________ ___________________________________

Teaching / Research Interest: __________ ___________________________________

Accommodation required: YES / NO

Registration (teachers) / Registration (non-teachers)

Demand Draft No : _______ Rs . _________ dated : __________ Bank : _____________

I agree to abide by the rules of the CiSTUP, IISc.  If selected I shall participate in the workshop for the entire duration [1st June– 6th June 2009].





(Photocopy of this form may be used).

The applicant Mr. / Ms. ____________ _________________________________ from our institution will be  permitted to attend the workshop – Geoinformatics: Principles and applications in Urban Environment Management at CiSTUP, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, if selected for the same.



Signature of the Head of the institution with seal.

Last date for submission of  application form 20th May 2009.

Please mail the application form along with demand draft to

The Chairman
Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP),
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012

Tel: 91-080- +91-80-2293 2919
Fax: 080-23601428


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