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Urbanisation and Urban Sprawl

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The data collection involved collection of toposheets, village maps, satellite data and demographic details. The nature of these data and their source are shown in Table 1. The Survey of India toposheet of 1:50000 scale was used for the current study, which has the following features:

-          Drainage, water bodies, irrigation systems;

-          Contours;

-          Built-up area;

-          Roads and rail network;

-          Administrative boundaries.

Table 1: Data Collection Details for the Study Area

Mysore Bangalore

Udupi Mangalore

TIRUCHIRAPALLI tanjavore kumbakonam


Toposheets No.

57 h/2, 57 h/5, 57 h/6, 57 h/9, 57 d/11, 57 d/14, and 57 d/15

Toposheets No.

48 k/11, 48 k/12, 48 k/15, 48 k/16, and 48 l/13

Toposheets No.

58 J/9, 58 J/10, 58 J/13, 58 J/14, 58 N/1 and 58 N/5

Survey of India,

Scale 1:50000

Satellite imagery liss3;

Path: 100, Row: 64 & Path: 99 Row: 64

Satellite imagery liss3; Dated: 29th March 1999

Path: 97 and Row: 64

LANDSAT TM; Dated 04th April 1987

Path: 144 and Row: 52

Satellite imagery liss3; Dated: 9th April 1999

Path: 102 and Row: 66

National Remote Sensing Agency (nrsa)

Demographic details from primary census abstracts for 1971, 1981 & 1991

Demographic details from primary census abstracts for 1971, 1981 & 1991


Directorate of Census Operations, Census of India

Village maps for taluks, viz.

Bangalore South, Bangalore North, Ramanagaram, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya, Srirangapatna,


Village maps for taluks, viz.

Mangalore and Udupi


Directorate of Survey Settlement and Land Records, Government of Karnataka


Energy CES IISc Envis Envis Node