ENVIS Technical Report: 89,  July 2015

Biodiversity, Ecology, Energy, Landscape Dynamics & Hydrology of Agastya Foundation Campus, Kuppam

   Ramachandra T. V.*      Harish R.Bhat  Bharath H. Aithal Rao G. R. Sudarshan P.Bhat
                                                   Vinay S.                          Ganesh Hegde                          Gouri Kulkarni                          Vishnu D. Mukri
Energy and Wetlands Research Group, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
*Corresponding author: cestvr@ces.iisc.ernet.in, energy@ces.iisc.ernet.in [080-22933099]

Birds (class Aves) are feathered, winged, two-legged, warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates. Birds are characterised by feathers, a beak with no teeth, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a lightweight but strong skeleton. Birds also have digestive and respiratory systems that are uniquely adapted for flight. Many species annually migrate great distances. Birds are social, communicating with visual signals, calls, and songs, and participating in such social behaviours as cooperative breeding and hunting, flocking, and mobbing of predators. Eggs are usually laid in a nest and incubated by the parents. Most birds have an extended period of parental care after hatching. About 120–130 species have become extinct due to human activity since the 17th century, and hundreds more before then. There are about 8650 species of birds in the world, of which 1230 species are available in India. Agastya campus is located in terrain of Gudivanka, Andhra Pradesh, it is located at the intersection of three states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka &Tamilnadu.  There are around 137 species of birds recorded at the Agastya Campus (Table 1), 42 are migratory species. Among migratory species Harriers have chosen this place for roosting during night times.

Table 1: Birds of Agastya Foundation Campus

Grey Francolin

Francolinus pondicerianus

Rain Quail

Coturnix coromandelica

Grey Junglefowl

Gallus sonneratii

Indian Peafowl

Pavo cristatus

Lesser Whistling-Duck

Dendrocygna javanica

Bar-headed Goose

Anser indicus

Spot-billed Duck

Anas poecilorhyncha

Yellow-legged Buttonquail

Turnix tanki

Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker

Dinopium benghalense

White-cheeked Barbet

Megalaima viridis

Coppersmith Barbet

Megalaima haemacephala

Common Hoopoe

Upupa epops

Indian Roller

Coracias benghalensis

Small Blue Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis

White-breasted Kingfisher

Halcyon smyrnensis

Small Bee-eater

Merops orientalis

European Bee-eater

Merops apiaster

Common Hawk Cuckoo

Hierococcyx varius

Asian Koel

Eudynamys scolopacea

Small Green-billed Malkoha

Phaenicophaeus viridirostris


Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Psittacula krameri

Plum-headed Parakeet

Psittacula cyanocephala

Asian Palm Swift

Cypsiurus balasiensis

Barn Owl

Tyto alba

Eurasian Scops Owl

Otus scops

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Bubo bubo

Spotted Owlet

Athene brama

Short-eared Owl

Asio flammeus

Common Indian Nightjar

Caprimulgus asiaticus

Blue Rock Pigeon

Columba livia

Little Brown Dove

Streptopelia senegalensis

Spotted Dove

Streptopelia chinensis

White-breasted Waterhen

Amaurornis phoenicurus

Common Sandpiper

Actitis hypoleucos

Black-winged Stilt

Himantopus himantopus

Yellow-wattled Lapwing

Vanellus malabaricus

Red-wattled Lapwing

Vanellus indicus

Oriental Honey-buzzard

Pernisptilo rhynchus

Black-shouldered Kite

Elanu scaeruleus

Black Kite

Milvus migrans

Brahminy Kite

Halias turindus

Egyptian Vulture

Neophron percnopterus

Short-toed Snake Eagle

Circaetus gallicus

Crested Serpent Eagle

Spilornis cheela

Western Marsh Harrier

Circus aeruginosus

Pallid Harrier

Circus macrourus

Pied Harrier

Circus melanoleucos

Montagu's Harrier

Circus pygargus


Accipiter badius

White-eyed Buzzard

Butas turteesa

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Aquila pomarina

Tawny Eagle

Aquila rapax

Common Kestrel

Falco tinnunculus

Red-headed Falcon

Falco chicquera

Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

Little Grebe

Tachybaptus ruficollis

Little Cormorant

Phalacrocorax niger

Great Cormorant

Phalacrocorax carbo

Little Egret

Egretta garzetta

Grey Heron

Ardea cinerea

Purple Heron

Ardea purpurea

Large Egret

Casmerodius albus

Cattle Egret

Bubulcus ibis

Indian Pond Heron

Ardeola grayii

Glossy Ibis

Plegadis falcinellus

Black-headed Ibis

Threskiornis melanocephalus

Eurasian Spoonbill

Platalea leucorodia

Painted Stork

Mycteria leucocephala

Asian Openbill Stork

Anastomus oscitans

Jerdon's Chloropsis

Chloropsis cochinchinensis

Brown Shrike

Lanius cristatus

Bay-backed Shrike

Lanius vittatus

Rufous-backed Shrike

Lanius schach

Indian Treepie

Dendrocitta vagabunda

House Crow

Corvus splendens

Jungle Crow

Corvus macrorhynchos

Greater Coucal

Centropus sinensis

Ashy Woodswallow

Artamus fuscus

Eurasian Golden Oriole

Oriolus oriolus

Large Cuckoo-Shrike

Coracina macei

Small Minivet

Pericrocotus cinnamomeus

Black Drongo

Dicrurus macrocercus

White-bellied Drongo

Dicrurus caerulescens

Asian Paradise-Flycatcher

Terpsiphone paradisi

Common Iora

Aegithina tiphia

Common Woodshrike

Tephrodornis pondicerianus

Blue Rock Thrush

Monticola solitarius

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher

Cyornis tickelliae

Oriental Magpie Robin

Copsychus saularis

Indian Robin

Saxicoloides fulicatus

Common Stonechat

Saxicola torquata

Pied Bushchat

Saxicola caprata

Brahminy Starling

Sturnus pagodarum

Rosy Starling

Sturnus roseus

Common Myna

Acridotheres tristis

Jungle Myna

Acridotheres fuscus

Southern Hill Myna

Gracula indica

Great Tit

Parus major

Dusky Crag Martin

Hirundo concolor

Common Swallow

Hirundo rustica

Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo daurica

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Pycnonotus jocosus

Red-vented Bulbul

Pycnonotus cafer

White-browed Bulbul

Pycnonotus luteolus

Streaked Fantail Warbler

Cisticola juncidis

Jungle Prinia

Prinia sylvatica

Ashy Prinia

Prinia socialis

Plain Prinia

Prinia inornata

Oriental White-eye

Zosterops palpebrosus

Blyth's Reed-Warbler

Acrocephalus dumetorum

Booted Warbler

Hippolais caligata

Common Tailorbird

Orthotomus sutorius

Greenish Leaf-Warbler

Phylloscopus trochiloides

Rufous-bellied Babbler

Dumetia hyperythra

Yellow-eyed Babbler

Chrysomma sinense

Common Babbler

Turdoides caudatus

Large Grey Babbler

Turdoides malcolmi

Jungle Babbler

Turdoides striatus

White-headed Babbler

Turdoides affinis


Mirafra affinis

Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark

Eremopterix grisea

Rufous-tailed Finch-Lark

Ammomanes phoenicurus

Eastern Skylark

Alauda gulgula

Thick-billed Flowerpecker

Dicaeum agile


Dicaeumerythro rhynchos

Purple-rumped Sunbird

Nectarinia zeylonica

Purple Sunbird

Nectarinia asiatica

House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Large Pied Wagtail

Motacilla maderaspatensis

Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea

Paddyfield Pipit

Anthus rufulus

Oriental Tree Pipit

Anthus hodgsoni

Baya Weaver

Ploceu sphilippinus

Red Munia

Amandava amandava

White-throated Munia

Lonchura malabarica

Spotted Munia

Lonchura punctulata


Laughing Dove
Spotted Dove
Coppersmith Barbet
Common Hoopoe 

Cattle Egret

Indian Roller

Black Drongo
Great Tit
Common Tailorbird
Spotted Owlet
Golden Oriole
Red Whiskered Bulbul


Common Hawk Cuckoo

White-browed Bulbul
Small Bee-eater
Indian Robin
Greater Coucal

Common Kestrel

Rufous-backed Shrike

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