Effective Wetland Management Using GIS
Rajinikanth. R. and Ramachandra. T.V. *
Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560 012, India


'Wetland' denotes a large body of water surrounded by land, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary with water that is lentic or lotic. Wetlands perform some useful functions in the maintenance of overall balance of nature. Due to economic growth,urbanization,population increase and industrialization, more and more waste materials were discharged in to it and make it unfit for any uses. Hence to maintain the ecological balance,it is imperative to preserve these wetlands to make it fit for various purposes. Study is being undertaken in Bangalore, to identify the qualitative and quantitative impact on wetlands due to urbanization. In this connection, apart from field investigation (to identify the status of wetlands), Geographic Information System(GIS) is used for spatial and temporal assessment. A detailed investigation covering physical, chemical, and biological investigations were carried out in two lakes namely Rachenahalli and Amruthalli. Socio-economic survey was done to find the level of dependency on these lakes. Spatial and temporal changes are analyzed using GIS, remote sensing data and Survey of India, topographical maps. Water qualities of lakes situated in various location of the city were compared, with the data collected during last three years. Integration of water quality information, topographical information, land use and population density has aided in arriving at the appropriate restoration and conservation strategies.

Citation : Rajinikanth. R. and Ramachandra. T.V., 2000. Effective Wetland Management Using GIS. In proceedings of National Conference on 'Geoinformatics 2000', School of Civil Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Nov. 17th and 18th 2000, PP 262-275.

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