Energy and Wetlands Research Group
Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

Government Fails Karnataka, Citizens Angry Over Govt Inaction - MIRROR NOW

TEDXJain University - Talk on Rapid Urbanization and Water Conservation


Drinking water from packaged bottles may be giving you cancer - Zee News 23

Envis work shop Gridss Monitoring Program

Prof T V Ramachandra - RALLEY FOR RIVERS

Prof T V Ramachandra - Rally for Rivers CNN News18

Bengaluru will be a dead city in next 5 years IISC study Oneindia News

Talk on Conservation and Rejuvenation of Bengaluru Lakes @ Adamya Chetana

Magic Bricks Now - Bellandur has been receiving industrial waste over a decade IISC - The News

Dr. TVR donating Namma Bengaluru Award Money as Seed Grant for Water Testing Laboratory setup to 6 Schools in Bangalore @ Adamya Chetana on 1st April 2017

Namma Bengaluru Award to Dr. T V Ramachandra

NDTV - Why do Bengalurus foamy lakes need foreign help ask city experts

Citizen Matters - Steel Flyover Beda

YourstoryTV - IISc Miniforest

YourstoryTV - IISc Miniforest Enteda

Public TV - Jalapralaya

NDTV - Flames in lakes of Bengaluru

NDTV - Agenda

KC Khanna Memorial Lecture Series

IChangeMyCity of the fire and froth in Bengalurus lakes

NDTV - Bengaluru Drowning

Asianet News

Bengaluru High residue of heavy metal, oil and grease found in water of Varthur Lake

Issues with lakes in Bangalore and its impact on the eco system

Varthur lake in Bengaluru fails quality test

Lake of fire discussion,expert view

Of the fire and froth in Bengalurus lakes

Why do Lakes Foam

No more lake adaisical 1, A NEWS9 Discussion

Why the green cover is vital to Bangalore

Integrated Wetland System for Jakkur

BENGALURU S'TREE'PPED - IISc Study Triggers Alarm Bells

MD Subashchandran - Karnataka Rajyotsava Award presentation event

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