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Research and Scientific Investigations
  Design and Development of RIEP: Regional Integrated Energy Plan –
        spatial decision support system for regional energy planning
  • Identification of Potential micro/mini/small hydel sites – with  potential assessment  andcost benefit analysis
  • Regional level energy demand assessment
  • Assessment of Renewable energy potential – talukwise, resourcewise (solar, wind, hydro and bioenergy)
  • Energy conservation potential – sectorwise
  • Alternative to mega dams – optimal design for energy and water
  Analysis of Intra and inter country energy intensity trends
  • Aquatic Ecosystems – lentic and lotic
  • Linkages – energy, ecology, hydrology
  • Conservation, restoration and management of aquatic ecosystem
  • Mapping of flora and fauna – terrestrial and aquatic
  • Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment – Sharavathi River
  • Prospects of bioremediation and phytoremediation
  • Ecological modelling
  • Carbon dynamics (statewise analysis)
  • Water pollution (surface, Groundwater)
  • EIA of mega projects
  Urbanisation and urban sprawl: pattern analysis, SPSS
  • Design of GRDSS – open source GIS based DSS.
  • Development of algorithms for analysis of multisensor, multi resolution, multi spectral remote sensing data
  • Spatio temporal analysis of ecosystems
  • Land use and land cover dynamics
  Western Ghats Biodiversity Information Systems
  • Design of  Western Ghats Biodiversity information System (Flora and fauna)
  • Design and Publication of Sahyadri E-News
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