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Research Area
  • Aquatic Ecosystems – Characterisation, Conservation, Restoration and Management.
  • Wetlands, Soil and Water Pollution, Bioremediation
  • Diatom - Ecology
  • Energy: Renewable energy, Integrated Energy Planning
  • Energy Conservation, Demand side management, Decision support systems
  • Biodiversity – Aquatic and terrestrial (Western Ghats and Himalayan ecology), Ecosystem, Ecodevelopment
  • Conservation of Terrestrial and Aquatic ecosystems
  • Coastal ecosystems:
  • Ecosystem services and goods:
  • Biodiversity-Ecology-Hydrology linkages:
  • Landscape ecology, Ecological modelling
  • Land use, land cover dynamics
  • Ecosystem conservation, Habitat fragmentation analysis and its implications on Hydrology
  Environmental Engineering: Solid waste management, Environmental
  Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
  Carrying Capacity
  Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment
  GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Remote Sensing, Digital Image
  Database Management System, Information Technology
  Environmental information System
  Environment Education, Distance education
  Urban sprawl:  Pattern recognition, modelling
  Urbanisation and Environmental Sustainability
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