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Subject: Job Posting: Green Corps Organizer (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 22:03:06 EST
Subject: Job Posting: Green Corps Organizer

              Green Corps Offers Leadership Training Program
              for Environmental and Social Change Organizers

Green Corps is hiring for one-year paid positions in our leadership training
program. We are seeking the next generation of environmental and social change
leaders: recent college and Masters graduates as well as entry-level non-
profit staff who want experience running campaigns and making a concrete
difference. Green Corps trains you to run effective public education and
action campaigns and helps you launch a career doing work you care about.

We are accepting applications until Jan. 30 for positions beginning in late
July, 1999. If you are not currently looking for a job, please forward this
message to seniors, organizers, and mailing lists you know, or make an
announcement in groups to which you belong. Following is a description of
Green Corps' program. For more information and an application, please contact
us. Thanks!

Adam Ruben, Green Corps Organizing Director  206-523-8985 phone, 206-523-8984 fax
Main office: 29 Temple Pl., Boston, MA 02111
617-426-8506 phone, 617-292-8057 fax

I                   Environmental and Social Change Organizers:
I             Green Corps Leadership Training Program 1999-2000             I

With threats of unprecedented proportions facing the planet--and powerful
special interested standing in the way of solution--we need visionary and
talented leaders to solve environmental problems. We need leaders like David
Brower, Lois Gibbs, and the late Cesar Chavez who will stand up against
corporate polluters and despoilers to protect the environment and our

That's why, in 1992, Brower, Gibbs, and Chavez helped Green Corps create a
year-long, full-time, paid Environmental Leadership Training Program.

Each year we invite twenty recent college graduates to launch their organizing
and advocacy careers with Green Corps. Through our Environmental Leadership
Training Program, you gain the hands-on training and experience you'll need to
put your ideas into action and win important victories for public health and
the environment.

*  "Green Corps is a cutting-edge program that sets the tone and     *
*  for training grassroots organizers." -- Lois Gibbs, founder, Love  *
*  Canal Homeowners Association and Director, Center for             *
*  Health, Environment and Justice, speaking at the 1998 Green     *
*  Corps field training

As a Green Corps staff member, you'll attend an Introductory Classroom
Training during August, 1999, and four subsequent week-long trainings. Each
training includes sessions taught by issue and advocacy experts such as Ross
Gelbspan, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Heat Is On," and Gene
Karpinski, Executive Director of U.S. PIRG. During the remainder of the year,
you'll work on a series of campaigns with leading environmental groups,
learning skills and strategies that will enable you to run effective
environmental campaigns.

For example, last year our staff learned how to work with the media, recruit
volunteers, and mobilize grassroots support by leading campaigns in Atlanta,
Boston, San Francisco and Seattle with the U.S. Climate Action Network, a
coalition of groups including Greenpeace and the Union of Concerned
Scientists. Green Corps staff educated the public about the causes of global
warming and built support for stronger emission standards prior to the
International Climate Change conference held in Kyoto, Japan.

Our staff have also worked with the Rainforest Action Network in Chicago,
Denver, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to pressure Mitsubishi, the world's
largest destroyer of rainforest, to change its destructive practices. By
leading the RAN campaigns, our staff learned how to build coalitions, raise
money, and supervise staff and interns. they made a concrete difference:
Mitsubishi eventually agreed to reduce its environmental impact by curbing
logging, pollution, and waste.

*  "Green Corps played a critical role in our victory on the                *
*  Mitsubishi boycott. We've been so impressed with Green Corps' *
*  organizers that we hired a Green Corps graduate to lead our         *
*  national grassroots program." --Randy Hayes, President,                *
*  Rainforest Action Network

                         >>>GREEN CORPS GRADUATES: <<<
After completing the Environmental Leadership Training Program, Green Corps
helps you find full-time positions with leading environmental groups that
enable you to put those skills to work. Here are four environmental leadership
positions that our graduates have taken.

* Sarah Jaynes, Brown University '92 & Green Corps '93, always had a passion
for protecting wilderness. Green Corps gave her the skills and strategies to
put that passion to work. Now, she's the Field Director for Washington
Conservation Voters where she plans strategies for electing dozens of pro-
environmental candidates in her state. Under Sarah's leadership, Washington
Conservation Voters boasts a 70% success rate.

* After hearing David Brower speak at his high school, Justin Ruben, Dartmouth
'96 & Green Corps '97, knew that he wanted to become an organizer just like
Brower. Green Corps helped Justin launch a career in environmental organizing.
He recently led an effort, as the Community Organizer for Pesticide Watch, to
convince the San Francisco Board of Education to pass the strongest ban on
pesticides ever adopted by an urban school district.

*  "If you are looking for a job where you can work with people     *
*  who care about the environment and want to do something      *
*  about it, Green Corps is it." -- Justin Ruben, Green Corps             *
*  Organizer, during the 1997 Rainforest Action Network                *
*  Campaign to Save Headwaters Forest

* Merc Pittinos, Duke University '96 & Green Corps '97, gets angry about the
actions of corporate polluters. Green Corps helped Merc find a job where he
can turn that anger into action. In his first year with Connecticut's Toxics
Action Center, Merc recruited more than 1,000 citizens to testify against the
construction of a new asphalt plant in Waterbury. In response, the Governor
called for a statewide moratorium on all new asphalt plants.

* Kimberly Larson, University of Vermont '95 & Green Corps '96, wanted more
responsibility and challenge than a Washington, DC internship could offer.
While working with Green Corps, she designed and led a clean air campaign. Now
she works full-time in DC as the Assistant Field Director of U.S. PIRG. She
recently coordinated the advocacy efforts of PIRG staff across the country
aimed at preventing the Senate from weakening the Endangered Species Act.

More than 75 Green Corps graduates are in leadership positions in the
environmental movement. Here's a partial list:
* Josh Marks, Dartmouth Coll: Campaign Director, GA Sierra Club
* Parker Blackman, Stanford Univ: Executive Director, WASHPIRG
* Ted Halstead, Dartmouth Coll: Founder, Redefining Progress
* Adam Ruben, Harvard Univ: Organizing Director, Green Corps
* Susan Comfort, U. North Carolina: Director, Center for Environmental
Citizenship * Eric Antebi, Brown Univ: Land Conservation Advocate, Appalachian
Mountain Club
* Peter Colavito, Yale Univ: Director, Training Institute for Careers in
Organizing * Gina Coplon, Tufts Univ: Project Director, Lead Action
Collaborative * Bernadette Del Chiaro, UC Berkeley: Field Organizer, Toxics
Action Center * Erin Englebrecht, Northwester Univ: Biodiversity Organizer,
GREEN/Defenders of Wildlife

             >>>ADVISORY BOARD (PARTIAL LIST)<<<
* Bob Bingaman, National Field Dir., Sierra Club
* David Brower, Chair, Earth Island Institute
* Gina Collins Cummings, Field Dir., Physicians for Human Rights
* Eric Draper, Senior VP for Campaigns, National Audubon Society
* Lois Gibbs, Director, Center for Health, Environment and Justice
* Douglas Phelps, Chair, U.S. PIRG
* Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farmworkers of America
* Donna Edwards, Dir. National Coalition to End Domestic Violence

We're looking for the next generation of environmental and social change
leaders. To apply for Green Corps' 1999-2000 Environmental Leadership Training
Program, send us your completed application by January 30. You can call or e-
mail us for an application. We'll also visit a limited number of campuses to
meet with students about applying for Green Corps.

We will begin holding formal interviews in January on a rolling basis and hold
on-campus interviews on some campuses. Based on the first interview, we will
invite some candidates to attend weekend-long second interviews in Boston, New
York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Adam Ruben, Green Corps Organizing Director  206-523-8985 phone, 206-523-8984 fax
Main office: 29 Temple Pl., Boston, MA 02111
617-426-8506 phone, 617-292-8057 fax