GRASS GIS 6 List of Authors =========================== $Date: 2015-04-06 14:01:20 -0700 (Mon, 06 Apr 2015) $ Many people have contributed to GRASS GIS. Without any one of them the project would not exist in its current form. The authors of the individual programs are listed at the end of their manual page in the GRASS users manuals or in the source code. However, numerous authors of bug fixes and enhancements as well as people who have been working on coordination, integration, translation, documentation and testing are not mentioned. Therefore, this page is an attempt to acknowledge those who contributed to GRASS development. Please allow us to extend our most cordial thanks to all of you. If you contributed to GRASS at any point during its existence, please let us know your name and e-mail address so we can add your name. Active parts of the program have authors dating back to GRASS's inception in 1982. Please check the GRASS 1.x - 6.x credits list at: GRASS 6.0 was made up of entirely new code for much of the vector and database management subsystems. The raster, display, and projection subsystems are largely directly inherited from GRASS 5.4 without change. The core GIS, GUI, and build subsystems are a hybrid of old and new code. Thus we must also thank and credit the members of the 5.0 core development team, listed below, as many are still active in the project and GRASS 6 owes much of itself to the generosity of their bright minds. Email addresses below have been spam-proofed to protect the innocent; add "@" and "." as needed. A list of contributors with write access is available in ./contributors.csv A list of contributors without write access is available in ./contributors_extra.csv A list of translators is available in ./translators.csv New contributions specific to GRASS 6.2 - 6.4 --------------------------------------------- (work in progress: please complete and correct, this list may be incomplete) INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation ( Additional authors: GUI - Martin Landa : wxPython GUI lead - Michael Barton : wxPython, Tcl/Tk GUI lead - Cedrik Shock : Tcl/Tk enhancements - Maris Nartiss : Tcl/Tk portability - Anna Kratochvilova: wxPython Cartographic Composer Google Summer of Code awards: - Wolf Bergenheim: Mentor team lead - Eric Momsen: i.segment; 2012 - Pietro Zambelli: PyGRASS; 2012 - Stepan Turek: wx.vnet; 2012 - Anna Kratochvilova: wxNVIZ; 2011 - Luca Delucchi:; 2011 - Margherita Di Leo: GUI; 2011 - Seth Price: GPU accelerated r.sun; 2010 - Anne Ghisla: v.autokrige; 2009 - Daniel Bundala: analysis modules; 2009 - Massimo Di Stefano: OssimPlanet integration; 2009 - Rosen Matev: v.buffer, v.parallel; 2008 - Martin Pavlovsky: v.voronoi; 2008 - Martin Landa: wxNVIZ; 2008, 2010 - Daniel Bundala: v.generalize; 2007 - Maximilian Maldacke:; 2007 ALGORITHM OPTIMIZATION - Markus Metz NVIZ - ACS/Massimo Cuomo : New flythrough navigation PACKAGING - Linux: o DebianGIS Project o Mandriva: o SuSE: Otto Dassau o Ubuntu: Jachym Cepicky and the UbuntuGIS Team - Mac OSX: William Kyngesburye - MS-Windows: Marco Pasetti, Colin Nielsen, and Helmut Kudrnovsky Source code Quality assessment system - SOCCER Labs at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada Power user tester: Maciej "Maciek" Sieczka GRASS 6.0 - 6.2 major project contributers ------------------------------------------ PROJECT INTEGRATION - Markus Neteler : GRASS project coordination - Radim Blazek : driving force for vector enhancements - M. Hamish Bowman : General sanitation - Bernhard Reiter : Maintain CVS, Bug-tracker BUILD SYSTEM - Eric Mitchell: core development - Paul Kelly : Fine tuning - Glynn Clements : Assistance and advice DOCUMENTATION - New docs engine: Markus Neteler - Programming docs/doxygen: Markus Neteler , Paolo Armani GUI - Radim Blazek : primary author of d.m and v.digit - Michael Barton : tcltkgrass menu system partial rewrite and integration into d.m - Multibyte FreeType Font Support: team CODE PORTABILITY - Brad Douglas : various libs INTERNATIONALIZATION - Integration: Markus Neteler , based on initiative: (S. Masumoto, V. Raghavan, S. Nonogaki, M. Neteler, T. Nemoto, T. Mori, M. Niwa, A. Hagiwara, and N. Hattori) - Multi-byte text support: FOSS4G members, see - Translators: There are as many to thank as there are languages to speak - Arabic: Dr. Alaa Masoud - Chinese: Zhang Jun - Czech: Martin Landa, Jachym Cepicky, Michal Bil, Radim Blazek - German: Stephan Holl - French: Emmanuel Saracco, Daniel Calvelo, Laurent Courty - Italian: Maurizio Napolitano, Luciano Montanaro, Lorenzo Moretti - Japanese: Susumu Nonogaki - Polish: Artur Niescior - Russian: Alexander Shevlakov - Slovenia: Miha Staut - Spanish: el bueno (manzano_jm), Luis Izquierdo, Daniel Calvelo - Turkish: Aras.Gor.O Yalcin Yilmaz - Vietnamese: Tran Van Anh, Bui Huu Manh (Mystus vittatus) NVIZ - Radim Blazek : updated vector and 3D vector support - Bob Covill : Core enhancements - Helena Mitasova : 3D volume support supervision - Jaro Hofierka : 3D volume support supervision - Tomas Paudits: 3D volume support implementation SPECIAL THANKS: - Frank Warmerdam : for writing and maintaining the essential GDAL and OGR libraries as well as PROJ4, GeoTIFF, etc etc. He plays a key role in (Free) GIS interoperability. In addition, we must thank those that have packaged GRASS 6 into the easy to install binary packages which are at the forefront of the users' software experience. Linux (generic): Markus Neteler Linux (Debian): DebianGIS Project Linux (SuSE): GDF Hannover bR, see Mac OS/X: Lorenzo Moretti Jeshua Lacock MS-Windows/Cygwin: Huidae Cho GRASS 5.7/6.0: Primary authors of new source code ------------------------------------------------- Institutions: ITC-IRST, Trento, Italy Providing web structure and various mailing lists Intevation GmbH, Germany Providing CVS and Request Tracker Baylor University, USA Providing user mailing list 1998-5/2006 VECTOR - Radim Blazek : vector engine core developer - David D Gray: vector engine contributions - modules: see individual authors and ./contributors.csv DBMI - based on original code from GRASS 5.0 (developer unknown, CERL?) - Radim Blazek : core developer of 5.7 enhancements - Alexander Shevlakov: drivers and sqlp contributions - modules: see individual authors and ./contributors.csv DGLib: vector networking - Roberto Micarelli : LIBDGL - graph library for vector network analysis FORMS library - Radim Blazek : core developer RASTER - Modules: see 5.4 authors below + individual modules - Integration of raster modules: Markus Neteler - Large file support (LFS): Glynn Clements - modules: see individual authors and ./contributors.csv 3D RASTER - Grid3D library by CERL and GMSL/University of Illinois - Jaro Hofierka - Helena Mitasova - Alfonso Vitti : important bugfixes - Soeren Gebbert : important bugfixes - modules: see individual authors and ./contributors.csv PROJ - Integrated by Paul Kelly NEW DOCUMENTATION: - existing documentation: see 5.4 authors below + individual modules - Markus Neteler - Otto Dassau - M. Hamish Bowman - Radim Blazek WEB SITE - Markus Neteler : setup and maintenance since 1998, cron jobs for auto-update, PHP migration, mailing lists, etc - Scott Mitchell : contributions - M. Hamish Bowman : contributions GRASS GIS 5.4 Author List ------------------------- Please check additionally the GRASS 1.x-5.0 credits list at: While it is impossible for us to give credit to everyone (past and present) who has contributed to GRASS, the following is the incomplete official list for GRASS 5.0-5.4: Institutions: ITC-IRST, Trento, Italy Providing web structure and various mailing lists Intevation GmbH, Germany Providing CVS and Request Tracker Baylor University, USA Providing user mailing list 1998-5/2006 GRASS 5 Core Team (most have CVS write access): Michael Barton (tcltkgrass menus) Roger Bivand ("R" statistical language support) Radim Blazek (DBMS support,, Hamish Bowman (,display,rasters, ...) Huidae Cho (FreeType,r.topmodel,r.topidx, ..) Glynn Clements (Code portability, ...) Bob Covill (NVIZ export formats,|out.bin) Jaro Hofierka (NVIZ port, grid3D and related) Paul Kelly (PROJ4, datum trafo, IRIX ...) Lubos Mitas (multivariate spline interpolation (RST) and erosion modeling) Helena Mitasova (interpolation modules, NVIZ, RASTER3D, erosion modelling) Eric G. Miller (sites format, new autoconf system, bugfixes etc.) Roger S. Miller (raster modules, r.drain etc.) Markus Neteler (GRASS 5 coordination, this&that ...) Bernhard Reiter (License, CVS, Bugfixes, RT) Alexander Shevlakov (PostgreSQL/GRASS interface) Mike Thomas (generic Windows driver) Jan-Oliver Wagner (XML-support, Module descriptions) Frank Warmerdam (GDAL, SHAPE implementation, new GRASS I/O library) Michel Wurtz (ESRI E00 support) Former programmers (GRASS 5.0): Andrea Aime (raster/vector modules) Carl Anderson (XDRIVER support) Malcolm Blue (Windows NT/Cygnus port) Jacques Bouchard (tcltkgrass, bugfixes) David D. Gray (Vector, SQL support) Justin Hickey (GRASS initialization, new env var handling, SGI) John Huddleston (Windows NT/Cygnus port) Bill Hughes (64bit compliance) Andreas Lange (SGI/Irix compliance, Proj/Datum support) Brook Milligan (initial autoconf implementation) Phisan Santitamnont (initial Linux compilation of 4.2.1, bugfixes) Significant contributions (very incomplete, please add): Angus Carr (ERDAS LAN) Eric Mitchell (new 5.1 Makefile system) Pierre de Mouveaux (NVIZ, d.layers) Job Spijker (v.bubble) Laura Toma (r.terraflow) Philip Warner (NVIZ code cleanup) David B. Satnik and Ali R. Vali (i.fft) Additional project contributions (very incomplete, please add): Florian Goessmann Scott Mitchell Martin Wegmann Former User support (GRASS 5.0): Edward Zarecky (user support) Lisa Zygo (user support, GRASS manuals) Former GRASS 4.2.1 development: University of Hannover/Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology Markus Neteler (GRASS 4.2.1 coordination) Former GRASS 4.2.0 development: Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research Bruce Byars (GRASS 4.2.0 coordination) Former GRASS 4 development (1984 to 1995): U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (CERL) Jim Westervelt, Michael Shapiro, Chris Rewerts, Robert Lozar, David Gerdes, ... See: Former Institutions - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Helena Mitasova (interpolation modules, NVIZ, RASTER3D) William Brown (libraries, interpolation modules, NVIZ, RASTER3D) - National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA Lubos Mitas (multivariate spline interpolation (RST) and erosion modeling) - High Performance Computing Center, Thailand National Electronics and Computer Technology Center Bangkok, Thailand - Baylor University: Hosting the user mailing list, 1998-5/2006 Contact: GRASS Development Team c/o Markus Neteler Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) Research and Innovation Centre 38010 S. Michele all'Adige (Trento), Italy neteler AT Internet: (main site) (list of mirrors) with a worldwide distribution network.