Snakes at IISc

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Snakes - feared, revered and reviled, these beautiful animals are perhaps the most misunderstood creatures on this planet. 

Our campus is no exception. In the past, snakes on campus were dealt with by the simple method of killing them. This is unfortunate for both the snakes and us, for humans can benefit greatly from the presence of these rodent controllers.

Some students and researchers felt that the killing of snakes on campus, most of which are non-venomous, was both needless and harmful to the local ecology. So we formed a volunteer group whose principal aim has been to prevent such killing by rescue and relocation of snakes.

All the same we believe the greatest protection we can offer these animals is through education. So, browse on to learn more with us. 

Species on campus 

What to do when you see a snake 

Snake bite: first aid 

Snake poster (pdf) in English, Hindi and Kannada

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